Organizing Your Bedroom Makes Mornings a Breeze

After organizing your bedroom, you may find you start each day on a better foot. Better sleep, feeling more relaxed, and less stress & anxiety may be in your future! Another added benefit to organizing your bedroom is that you will actually want to spend more time there!

 Turning your bedroom into a sanctuary can help you enjoy your spouses’ company without having things in the way or feeling the need to tidy up can lead to better quality time. Your life will thank you for it! Don't forget to check out the rest of the organizing your home series!

Organizing Your Bedroom Makes Mornings a Breeze

Having my bed made is the first thing I have to do each day. I drag myself out of it (have I mentioned I'm not really human until I have coffee?) and quickly make it.  It only takes a minute, but makes such a difference in how the room looks and how I feel.  Plus, it makes bedtime much easier when all you have to do is turn down the corner and slide into smooth, clean sheets.

Organizing Your Bedroom Makes Mornings a Breeze

Organizing Your Bedroom Makes Mornings a Breeze

Cut the Clutter

Think about what in your bedroom annoys you most.  Is it a stack of books on the nightstand?  Cups or bottles of water sitting on the nightstand?  The dresser being used to hold receipts, business cards, and other things you don't need?  Make sure you have a trash can in the bedroom, so you can throw things away without having to go to another room when all you want to do is sleep.   Create a space for everything that belongs in your room and get anything that doesn't belong to the proper room.

Clothing Chaos

Make sure you have a dirty laundry basket in your room (and every other bedroom in the house) so dirty clothes don't end up on the floor.  When the clean laundry comes up, put it away RIGHT AWAY!  Don't leave a basket of clothes for later. By putting clothes away immediately, you'll be able to keep your room organized easier and you'll avoid the dreading task of ironing!

Organize the Closet

We'll talk more about organizing your closet tomorrow, but start thinking about how you want it set up.  Do you need a closet organizing system, more hangers, a nifty tie, or a scarf rack?  By keeping the closet floor clean & everything easily accessible, you'll save time and money!

Leave the Bed Alone

Don't fall prey to the trap of tossing something on the bed to mess with later!  We all know that really results in setting in somewhere else or knocking it on the floor, so just keep your bed clear from clutter. Take 30 seconds to hang up that shirt or put the purse in a drawer. Make your bed every morning & then leave it alone.  Nothing goes on it, except for pets that sneak up on their own.

Make it Smell Good

It's not exactly organizing, but having a diffuser running in your bedroom with your favorite essential oils does so much to help make your bedroom inviting and a place you can truly relax and get a better night's rest. I love to diffuse Lavender and Peace & Calming every night.

By organizing your bedroom, you'll have a safe space in the house to retreat at the end of the day or just when you need a time-out during the day!

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