10 Activities To Teach Children About Labor Day

Sure Labor Day means a long weekend, usually marking the end of the summer. This year remember to make it something more than that. Help your children understand why Labor Day is acknowledged as a federal holiday with these ten activities. Notice that many of them can be done anytime, not just on or around Labor Day!

Check out these 10 ways to teach children why we celebrate Labor Day!

10 Activities To Teach Children About Labor Day

  1. Go to a Labor Day parade. What groups are on the floats? What do they stand for?
  2. Look up information on the origin of Labor Day.
  3. Discuss jobs! What is mommy’s job? What is daddy’s job? Grandpa’s Grandma’s? Are there special tools each person uses?
  4. Take bottled water to construction workers, leave a nice note for the mailperson, or make a point to stop and say ‘Thank you” to other workers you encounter throughout the day.
  5. Have your child draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up. Take a trip to a thrift store to find clothes you can use for a costume, or gather objects from around the home if you have them.
  6. Read about Women in the Labor Movement. Some women to consider are Agnes Nestor and Mother Jones.
  7. Have a treat! Ask your child to think about how their treat got to them. Who was involved in making the treat? Who packaged it? Who transported it? Who sold it?
  8. Take a trip to the fire station. Firemen are important workers in the community. Many fire stations will allow you to stop in with your children and get a short tour. Call your local station ahead of time to see what their policy is.
  9. Give your child a job for the day. Make it something that is not already required of them on a regular basis and keep it age appropriate. Explain to them that they will get paid for doing their job at the end of the day. If you have more than one child, give them a job they need to complete together. Many jobs require teamwork don’t they?
  10. Encourage your child to do work in their own community. This can include helping a neighbor with yard work or grabbing some gloves and picking up trash at the park.

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