Tips for Organizing Your Craft Room

Organizing your craft room can keep you from buying the same craft items repeatedly, as well as make it easier for you to create amazing things for friends and family with ease. Don't forget to check out the rest of my easy organizing tips!

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As we organize our homes, some of the hardest things to handle are the places where our hobbies take place. Organizing your craft room may take longer than most areas of your home, but once it is in order you'll find everything looks so much neater. Getting things in a place that is functional for use will also motivate you to do more fun things with your craft supplies.

Sort like items together

The first thing to do is go through everything in your craft room and sort similar items together. Instead of having craft paper in 4 or 5 different areas of your craft room, organize them together in one location for easy use. Once you sort and put similar items together you'll be able to move on through other steps to truly begin organizing your craft room. If you have supplies on your wish list think about where you would like to put them as well as other crafting supplies you plan to purchase in the future.

Think about items that might be stored in other places in your home due to a little room or because they are multi-purpose. Do you have an iron for iron-on patches? Would it be better stored in your laundry area or with art supplies in your workspace? Do you have glue guns for crafting needs that also double for homeschool supplies? What is the perfect way to store these for your family so everyone can access them and less mess occurs?

Purge broken items

There will inevitably be a few broken pieces or items that have no use. The spool of ribbon with only 1 inch left may never be used and is best added to your pile of items to throw away. For most people, anything that is broken and not easily fixed on the spot should be purged. If you are handy and enjoy fixing things or have an SO that does, place it in a dedicated place in your home for repair. If it is something you would use in the future and are unable to repair it, add it to your shopping list or Amazon wish list to replace.

Purge duplicate items that won't be used

Sometimes you will find that you have purchased the same item multiple times without realizing it. Maybe you were gifted something you already had or upgraded something like a cricut & no longer need the older unit. You can add these items to a stack to be sold or donated. You can easily make a little extra money by adding these items to listings on local Facebook swap shop groups.

Get realistic about what you want to do in your craft room

Organizing your items isn't just about making them neat, but also making them functional and having frequently used items available for easy access. If you will be using ribbon or washi tape every time you are in the room, it may be a good idea to add some bars for spool storage instead of adding ribbon to drawers or boxes. Set up your craft room to best suit your needs and desires. While you want it aesthetically pleasing, you don't want to create a room that doesn't function well for you or that you are afraid to muss up.

Invest in Appropriate Storage Solutions

This is the most important aspect of organizing your own craft room since it will create a functional room you can easily step into and work on your craft projects. Appropriate storage containers will give you the ability to label and sort items neatly. You can use small jars to hold buttons, mason jars can be stored on a rolling storage cart or inside a craft cabinet, and you can use clear containers to store craft paints – whatever works for you and the types of craft projects you do. Someone that does a lot of gnomes may need a place to store a sewing machine and sewing supplies while others utilize wrapping paper more often than cloth.

Trays, boxes, shelves, wire baskets, a bookshelf with a storage cube to hold smaller items, and a rolling cart are all great choices to make your craft room easier to access and use. A proper table and/or desk will also give you the room you need to spread things out as you create something new.

Get Vertical

Whether you have a full-sized designated craft room, a craft closet, or are working in a small space, make sure to take advantage of your vertical space! Use shelves, cupboards, command hooks, and even towel racks to maximize your wall space.

Find Creative Ideas

Pinterest has some of the best craft room organization ideas I've ever seen. No matter what work surface or how much storage space you have, a quick search for “crafting space organization” or even for a specific crafting need will show you hundreds of ideas in a visual format that you can scale to the perfect size for your creative space.

These tips for organizing your craft space are a great start toward making sure you are doing all those fun things you intended to do when you bought the great supplies.

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