Are you tired of constantly battling clutter and disorganization in your home? Do you long for a clean, organized space that promotes calm and productivity? Look no further than our “31 Days to an Organized Home” series! With our month-long event, you can expect to learn the best tips and tricks for achieving a clutter-free life. We will be using tried-and-true methods such as decluttering, minimalism, and the KonMari method.

Whether you're looking for home organization tips, storage solutions, or simply need some inspiration to get started, our series has everything you need to transform your space and your life. So join us on this journey to an organized home, and say goodbye to clutter for good!

31 Days to an Organized Home - Tips to declutter your home easily!

Whether you're a busy parent, a working professional, or just someone who wants to keep their home clutter-free, our 31 Days to an Organized Home series is here to help. With tips and tricks that have worked for us, you'll learn how to declutter quickly, find storage methods that really work, and create a plan to get your house under control.

Although everyone can use these tips, they are particularly valuable for homeschool parents who need to keep their home clean and organized for both work and play. So, whether you are a homeschool parent or simply someone who wants to live in a mess-free home, keep reading for the complete 31 Days to an Organized Home and get ready to change your space and your life!

31 Days to an Organized Home

31 Days to an Organized Home

  1. Reboot your Thinking for an Organized Home & Life
  2. Decluttering in 15 Minutes a Day!
  3. Organizing Your Day to Save Time, Money, and Sanity!
  4. Organizing Your Kitchen
  5. How to have an Organized Fridge
  6. Organizing Your Pantry
  7. Organizing Your Kitchen Utensils
  8. Organizing Your Spice Cabinet
  9. How to Have an Organized Bathroom
  10. Makeup and Beauty Product Organization Tips
  11. How to Organize Your Laundry in 5 Steps
  12. Organizing Your Linen Closet
  13. An Organized Bedroom Makes Mornings a Breeze!
  14. 7 Steps to an Organized Closet
  15. How to Have a Clutter-free Kids Bedroom
  16. How to Have an Organized Toy Room
  17. Organizing Your Media Center/Room
  18. Homeschooling Space Organization Ideas
  19. Keeping Your Homeschool Papers Under Control
  20. 7 Simple Homeschool Organizing Tips
  21. Organizing Your Craft Room
  22. Getting Organized with a Command Center
  23. Organizing Your Desk
  24. How to Organize your Garage
  25. Organizing Your Camping Supplies
  26. Organizing Your Final Affairs
  27. How to Organize Your Recipe Collection
  28. Organizing Your Computer
  29. Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet
  30. Organizing Your Preps/Stockpile
  31. Organizing Your Finances
31 Days to an Organized Home

For more ideas on how to get an organized home, check out my Storage & Organization Pinterest board!

Tips for getting organized from Midwest Modern Momma

We hope this post has been helpful in getting you started on the path to an organized home. Remember, the key is to take things one step at a time and not get overwhelmed. These tips and tricks will work for anyone who wants to declutter and organize their living space. An organized space is especially important for homeschooling parents, who need to keep their homes even more tidy and organized for their children to thrive. We wish you all the best on your journey to a clutter-free life!