Organizing Your Laundry in 5 Easy Steps

Laundry is a dirty word to many moms.  It's a never ending chore and can be so hard to keep up with if you don't have a great system. Organizing your laundry room makes one of the most frustrating household chores less stressful!  Since it's normally such a small room, it's not that hard to keep it organized once you figure out a system that works for you. Don't forget to check out our other tips on getting your home organized!

Laundry is a dirty word to many moms. Organizing your laundry room makes one of the most frustrating household chores less stressful!

Laundry is my least favorite chore, mainly because I HATE my basement & it's down there.  When I say hate, I really mean I'm terrified of them.  The other reason I dislike laundry so much is because you are never done!  If you have kids like mine, you will even find clothes on hangers or still folded in the dirty clothes. I have 2 that wet the bed frequently until recently, so that meant at least an extra 2 loads of laundry per week. And whoever said girls change their clothes a lot during the day, never met my twins.

Getting my laundry room organized and organizing my laundry routine made such a huge difference! No more scrambling to get laundry done before we need to go somewhere, worrying about making sure everyone has clean bedding, or doing laundry for a day straight to get caught up! Organizing your laundry room will make such a difference in how you feel about doing the laundry!

Organizing Your Laundry Room in 5 Easy Steps

Organizing Your Laundry in 5 Easy Steps

  • Declutter it! Go through your laundry room and see what you really need.  How many empty bottles of detergent do you have?  Do you have a brand that you tried out and didn't like that is still sitting there – ask a friend if they would like it! Get rid of anything that doesn't belong in the laundry room (put it away in the area it should go) and create a place to put clothes that don't fit anyone when they come out of the dryer.  I have a donation bag handing by the dryer & found it really helped cut down on rewashing things no one an even wear. You may want to set up a place for off-season clothing too.
  • Sort it: Go through what you have left after tossing, donating, and putting things in the rooms they belong in.  Create a pile for laundry soaps, fabric softeners, stain removers, etc.  Put all of your empty laundry baskets together & collect the full ones from around the house, so you can decide if you have enough or too many.
  • Assess Your Space: Do you have an overhead shelf or cabinet that can hold your laundry supplies? A good space to keep the iron out of the way?  Use a mason jar to collect change and other pocket finds.  Place a trash can by the dryer for lint, dryer sheets, and anything that came down in the laundry that you don't need.  I have a double washer-dryer system (set up when the twins were still in diapers since cloth meant a lot of extra loads of laundry), so I keep a trash can by both the washers & the dryers.  I have a shelving unit between the washers that holds my laundry supplies.  
  • Create Space to Sort: Invest in a laundry sorting system or designate a basket for each cycle you need.  Whites, lights, brights, jeans, darks, and delicates are how I separate my laundry.  For a long time, I gave up on sorting, but one of my VAs lectured me on it, so I gave it another try.  Really does make things easier & reduced the number of times something ended up in the dryer that shouldn't be in there. My brother built me a shelving unit like this to hold the laundry baskets to making sorting easier & keep them off the basement floor.
  • Keep It Up: Make sure everyone knows where things belong, knows how to sort their clothes into your system, and develop a laundry schedule that works for you.  Some people do all their laundry one or two days a week.  Others, like me, prefer to do a load or two every day.  Make sure everything gets put away properly when you are done, so another room in the house doesn't become disorganized!

Organizing is about finding what you have, where it can go, and how to make it work for you. The longer you take to decide, the longer your laundry room will remain the way it is. Are you organizing your laundry room & routine today?

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  1. Great information! Thank you for the information looking to redo my laundry room. These will definitely help me in the process.