Organizing Your Kitchen Utensils

When you are working on getting your life and home organized, one simple thing to do is begin with Organizing Your Kitchen Utensils.  This is a quick and easy organization tip that you manage even with just a few minutes of time to spare.

Organizing Kitchen Utensils

Organizing your kitchen utensils is a great way to make your kitchen feel more organized and orderly in no time.  Not only can you find things you forgot you had, but you can eliminate the duplicate tools and get things nice and clean in the process. 

Organizing Your Kitchen Utensils

Pull out all utensils to evaluate

This means going through every drawer, cabinet, bin, container, or hook and putting all of your utensils out to sort through.  If you have a really large amount, you can spread them out on your kitchen table so you can see everything at once.  If you have a small amount your kitchen counter will work fine.  This process is important so you know exactly what you truly have to work with.  By evaluating your utensils, you will be able to see what all you need to replace or donate.

Remove duplicate items  

Some things it is nice to have more than one of.  Wooden spoons, spatulas, and tongs are fine to have a few pairs of in your utensils, but you don't need 12 apple corers or 7 melon ballers.  This is the time to decide how many of each you can reasonably use.  You will typically be washing dishes at least once every few days, so many items you'll only need 2-3 of.  For other items like your actual silverware, you'll want 8-10 of each at minimum.  Serving utensils may be needed in larger quantities if you plan to host dinner parties, potlucks, or similar on a regular basis.

Throw away broken items  

There are always going to be a few things tucked away that break accidentally.  This is the time to remove all broken items and make a list right away of any items you need to buy to replace.  Don't hang onto broken items. Get rid of them now to avoid more clutter later on.

Clean everything 

After you pull everything out of the drawer, bin, or cupboard, you'll likely find you need to clean up a bit.  Crumbs, dirt, dust, and occasional bits of things have floated into containers, drawers, and cabinets.  Not only do you want to put your utensils into a nice hot bath of soapy water, but you'll also want to clean out the place you'll be storing them as well.  Having everything clean and sanitary is a must.

Organize by appropriate use and location  

The real organizing your kitchen utensils work comes when you have to put everything back in its place again.  Think about what it will be used for the most and store it appropriately.  Silverware will go in a drawer most commonly near where your plates are at for quick and easy use when it's time to eat. Mine are in a drawer next to the sink, beneath our plates/bowls cupboard.  

My cooking utensils that I use almost every day (a pair of tongs, my wooden spoons, spatulas, etc) are in two crocks right next to my stove.  Things I don't use daily are neatly in two drawers. I'm partial to these bamboo drawer organizers because they are adjustable. Things like cupcake frosting tips, canning utensils, and other things I rarely use are stored neatly in my pantry. Find what works for you & your kitchen. Don't be afraid to change your system later if it's not working!

Once you have everything back in the proper home, you'll find your donation tub full of items to give to that newlywed friend, or even to your local thrift store for resale.  Cleaning your home and getting organized includes even the small tasks like organizing your kitchen utensils for more efficiency.

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Organizing Your Kitchen Utensils

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