9 Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool Room

How many times have you walked into the middle of your homeschool room, searching for something only to find that it's been pushed to the back of the bookshelf? It's time to take control and get organized. Here are a few tips for organizing your homeschool room so it looks good and you feel less stressed!

Whether you have a dedicated school room or just stash materials around the house, these organizing tips for your homeschooling space are sure to come in handy!

Organizing your homeschool space is extremely important for everyone. Especially for moms since it normally falls to us to keep track of who needs to work on what this week, long-term records, & planning. Plus making sure the children can find their work and activities easily.  From juggling multiple grade levels to keeping sane while working from home being organized is key.

Whether in or out of the homeschool classroom, these organizing tips are great ways to keep track of where everything is.  When you have multiple ages and grade levels, you need to keep things separated at times.  Using things like special color-coding systems, bookshelves, bins, or even under-bed storage for items used rarely, you can keep track of everything and stay organized with these great ideas. 

9 Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool Room

Whether you have a small classroom, corner of the kitchen, or a room dedicated solely to your homeschool activities, you'll find something great in this list to help you make it better organized.  Organizing your homeschool classroom means you'll be more productive, less stressed, and find your kids more productive in the process.

Organize Like Items Together

Group like items together, to make it easy to find them. We store curriculum & required reading on one bookshelf and additional books on several bookshelves in other rooms throughout the house. All art supplies are stored in a cupboard in my office…to reduce paint experiments without permission/protecting the furniture….again.

We use magazine holders to keep sets of the curriculum together on our main school bookshelf & use them to separate out subjects. For example, on the second shelf, I have all of our language curriculum for the year. The textbooks are to the left. Workbooks and thin references are in a magazine holder. To the right are all the required reading books for the year.

Then another magazine holder has a curriculum set of electives our oldest is working through on his own, followed by a few large reference books. It's an easy way to keep the bookshelf organized so I don't end up with a twitching eye or missing a homeschool curriculum.

Use Creative Storage Ideas

There are lots of ways to get organized and keep things off the floor, including using baskets, boxes, plastic crates, and other containers that can be used for storage.

We have Ikea-style shelves with cubbies in 2 rooms. One is under the tv in our media room. The boys each have 2 cubbies where they store whatever book they are reading at the time, their science journal, their sketch pad & pencil set, as well as any other class-specific notebooks. They also store their binders there, which hold any cheat sheets they have/created, and their chore sheet for the week.

Make use of your imagination when it comes to storage items! You could store your children's papers in a shoebox and use the shoeboxes for making crafts or sorting papers. You can use old baby wipes containers to store art supplies. Even something as mundane as a suitcase can be used for storing an assortment of items. Get creative!

A Place for Everything & Everything in Its Place

Make sure everything has a home! This probably should have been #1 because it is so important! If you do not have a permanent location for something, it will keep ending up on random flat surfaces in the house and driving you insane! Round up school items that are floating around the house & see where their home should be. Ideally, it will be close to where you use that item & out of sight or neatly organized so it's not an eye-sore that will stress you and feel like clutter.

Label Everything to Keep Things Organized

Labels are a great way of keeping everything organized and mom sane! Instead of having to be the one to get everything out, it is easy for everyone to tell exactly where to find things! It's also so much easier to keep everything in its place when it's clearly labeled!

Labels can be simple (use a sharpie on the outside of a container) or as decorative as you want! I'm a fan of chalkboard labels, so I can clearly label everything and give it a cute feel.

Use A Command Stations

Command centers or stations are an attractive solution to the problem of homeschool organization. Often, homeschoolers have a lot of drawers and shelves from which they need to access materials. This can be time-consuming and frustrating. Command stations help to solve this problem by providing an attractive way to use these items without the mess of papers spilling over onto the floor or off the shelf.

Command Center Ideas

I may be a wee bit obsessed with command centers. They are so easy to set up however work best for you and your family & can be as simple and small or large & fancy as you like! You can buy an all-in-one system, combine pieces, or design your own!

Use Multi-Purpose Items

So many items can be used for more than one purpose! An ottoman that flips open is great for storing items like board games, flashcard sets, and more. A tackle box is perfect for a custom first aid kit or organizing small items. A TV stand can be used to hold curriculum and computers out of sight, especially since most of us stream instead of collecting DVDs/Blurays now anyway!

Find Ways to Increase Storage Space

If you're short on storage space, there are many ways that can help you maximize what you have available and even add storage areas for items that you don't have room for anywhere else, such as books. You might be able to fit a small shelf between the wall and your desk or bed, for example. I'm a HUGE fan of under-the-bed storage too. The ones on wheels are great for hands-on items, like LEGOs, snap circuits, and more. Depending on the height of your furniture, you can use them under couches and loveseats too!

Use Containers

Another thing you can do to maximize storage space is to use different types of containers within a bookcase. For instance, you could have one shelf of a bookcase lined with baskets, which will allow you to store things like computer discs or flash drives. Another shelf might be lined with plastic crates that can hold larger items such as books and binders. You could also use clear containers so you can see what's inside, making it easier to find what you're looking for when you need it.

Utilize Wall Space

I'm not a huge art person but I did discover a love of functional prints and homeschool wall decor! It's probably that dual-purpose thing I love so much!

Homeschool Wall Decor

There are so many wonderful ways to utilize your wall space with learning materials, maps, and more! Check out some of my favourites below!

Organizing your homeschool room will not only increase the amount of time you spend focusing on important lessons, but it'll also give you a great sense of accomplishment. You'll have more peace of mind knowing that everything is where it belongs and in order. To learn more about how to get organized in other rooms, check out the rest of my easy organizing tips!

More Ways to Get Organized:

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