Organizing the Closet in 7 Easy Steps

Organizing your bedroom closet can seem a daunting task, when you have an overabundance of clothes and other items spilling out of the closet, but it's much easier than you think to tackle!  Here are 7 Easy Steps For Organizing Your Closet to follow and help you get  this organizing challenge over without the usual frustration and dread of years past. Don't forget to check out my other easy organizing tips!

Organizing the Closet in 7 Easy Steps

Having an organized closet was one of my biggest challenges until recently. We had SO many clothes (including things that were 2 and 3 sizes too big for me!), home repair items in there, and even a tote of tools that just need put away in the garage!  After spending an hour trying to get dressed one day, I decided organizing the closet needed to become a priority & yanked everything and tackle it once and for all!  Today, I'll share some of the tips on how I simplified organizing my closet!

Organizing the Closet in 7 Easy Steps

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Declutter: You may be noticing a theme – every area in the home needs decluttered!  You can NOT organize clutter & clothing clutter can be hard to access, especially women who love to shop.Last year, I flipped all our our clothes in the closet so the hangers were backwards.  This year, anything that was still hanging backwards got donated.  

If it has holes, stains or is irreparable discard it. If it is not your style and you've never worn it donate or sell. If it no longer fits or hasn't been worn in more than a year (or wasn't worn last season) donate or sell.

Sort by color/style/size: If your closet houses both dress and casual clothing one of the best tips to organization is to sort your clothing by color, style and size. If you have several white blouses, black skirts or khaki pants then hang like items together organizing them individually by the style (casual versus dress/work) and ultimately by size if you are in between sizes or in the process of losing weight.

Use multi-purpose hangers: We have all seen the hangers that will house multiple pairs of pants, blouses by layering at different heights. Make the investment if you have small space and invest in one of these handy hangers. I'm a cami gal and wear one under my shirt every day.  Having one hanger for all of them saved a lot of space in the closet!

Pack up specialty items: Items like a tuxedo, cocktail dress, or formal wear that will only be worn once or twice per year can be stored in boxes or alternate closets until time for use. If you don't have somewhere else to store them, put them in the least accessible area in your closet so you can easily get to the things you use most.

Use peg boards: Grab some inexpensive peg boards and hooks for hanging ties, scarves, belts, small wallets, etc. in the back of closet. This can also be used for jewelry and accessories on the inside door of your closet. A hardware store or Lowe's is great for this.

Use an over the door organizer: Not only are these great for shoes, they are also an excellent place to store nylons, scarves, wallets, underwear, t-shirts, socks and small items that might otherwise go in drawers or boxes.

Use clear storage boxes for shoes: Invest in clear storage boxes to store shoes of different styles together. All sandals, all heels, all dress shoes, sneakers, etc. can be housed together in large clear storage boxes stacked at the bottom or top of your closet (or even conveniently slipped under a bed).

If your closet has been a nightmare in the past these 7 simple steps to an organized closet will be your lifesaver this spring. Not only do they remove excess clutter and free up needed space but they will help you become more aware of what you have on hand so you don't get stuck in the cycle of wearing the same thing over and over again.

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