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Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

Is your medicine cabinet a mess? There are ways you can keep your medicine cabinet organized while making room for all of your items. Check out these tips for organizing your medicine cabinet and keeping it that way. Don't miss the rest of the organizing your home series!

Tips for organizing your medicine cabinet

I'm a holistic health practitioner, so I mainly rely on essential oils, herbal teas, supplements, and diet to keep me healthy.  My idea of a medicine cabinet may look different than yours & has evolved over time.  Right now, I have a shelving unit for essential oils, a bookshelf that holds my supplies for making homemade products, and a cupboard above my kitchen sink that holds supplements.  For herbal teas, my mom has a huge herb collection so I can get just about anything I need from her house. Our bathroom has a mirror instead of a medicine cabinet, so organizing my supplies took a little creativity.

Tips for Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

Tips for organizing your medicine cabinet

Get Rid of Items That Are Expired

One major way you can make room in your medicine cabinet is to get rid of items that are expired. For the safety of everyone in your home, do not keep expired items in the medicine cabinet. Another way to make room in the medicine cabinet is to get rid of any duplicate items you may have. Make sure to properly dispose of any medicines. Many pharmacies will accept them back & dispose of them for you – just ask!

Utilize the Cabinet Door

A lot of medicine cabinets have plenty of room on the inside of the door to install various storage shelves. Little shelves on the inside of the cabinet door are perfect for items like makeup and toothbrushes. If your medicine cabinet door is metal, you can use magnets to help store items. You can also put command hooks inside of the cabinet door to hang up items.

Label the Natural Products

If you have a home that uses natural products, make sure you put them on one shelf in the medicine cabinet and then label that shelf. It will be nice to know where all of the natural products in your home are. For example: all of the essential oils, coconut oil, and other natural skin products can go on one shelf. The best part of natural products is that they aren’t filled with “fillers” so the bottles aren’t typically as big, so they don’t take up as much room. If you have a lot of essential oils, I highly recommend this wall storage unit!

My essential oil collection organized

Put What You Use Often on the Bottom

No one wants to stretch their arms far to get what they use on a daily basis. Put what you use most often on the bottom. For example: contact lenses, glasses, contact solution, vitamins.

The most important part of organizing your medicine cabinet is making it fit your needs. Keep what you need inside of the medicine cabinet. Some people who don’t use medicine, use their medicine cabinet for other purposes. What do you use your medicine cabinet for and how do you have it organized?

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