5 Must Have Homeschool Supplies

As a homeschooling parent, you know that there are tons of items laying around your house to be used in one lesson plan or another. What you may not realize however is that there are 5 Must-Have Homeschool Supplies for every classroom environment.

No matter what home educator you speak to these 5 items are sure to come up during the conversation. Some are practical and obvious, others are not at all what you would have thought to include in a list of must-have supplies.

5 Must Have Homeschool Supplies

5 Must-Have Homeschool Supplies

A Dedicated Parent: If you wish to have a successful homeschool experience, it is mandatory for the parent educating to be dedicated to their cause. A casual or undecided parent is not going to create a successful homeschool environment for their child. This is the most important item on the list. As the home educator, you must take this challenge seriously and work hard to make it the best experience you can for your children.

Pen & Paper: No matter how advanced technology has become, there is no classroom that will exist without pen and paper. You will always need paper, tablets, notebooks, pens, pencils, and markers in your classroom to give the true hands-on experience your children need in learning. Stay well stocked and ready for any need that comes your way.

Organization: Many homeschool parents attempt to go at this half hazardly. You simply can't succeed without a measure of organization. Being organized is the lazy man's best friend. If you have things in place in the beginning you are less likely to have problems later on. Schedules, calendars, proper shelving and lists are all key to staying on top of your assignments and students' progress.

Dedicated Classroom Area: It doesn't matter if that means a corner of the dining room, your favorite spot on the couch or a completely separate room in your house. It just requires consistency. By keeping your “classroom” in a consistent location you build a routine that will help you stay organized and make being a dedicated homeschool parent that much easier.

Willingness To Let Go: Many home educators begin with a goal of all kinds of great things happening. Perhaps you dream of the perfect in-home classroom complete with chalkboard walls and smiling students every day. Maybe you just know your teaching skills will help your troubled student overcome and become an honor student in no time.

The reality is that sometimes these things just don't happen. Oftentimes, they go completely opposite of what you plan. Be willing to let go of stereotypes, some goals, and mostly the desire for perfection. Accept your children, and your role as their educator and learn to adapt.

No, this list isn't likely what you expected, but it makes it no less important. Every home educator needs these must-have homeschool supplies in their classroom. Successful education comes with tons of love, adaptation, and compassion. Growing and learning with your children is so much more about your attitude than it is about the books, supplies, and resources in your hands.

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