Connections Stationary Kit {Review}

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The boys love to write and draw pictures for our extended family. They've had penpals from other parts of the country and it's always been something they've enjoyed doing. So when we had the opportunity to review Connections Stationary Kit from Byron's Games, I was excited!

When it comes to creativity, it’s important that we all challenge our children. Homeschooling is designed to help bring out the best in our children, not the worst. I can tell you that homeschooling four boys is a wild ride, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

On my quest to make sure that my kids are challenged, we decided to check out Byron’s Games. Whether you’re looking for family board games, a stationary set, or even geography games, Byron's Games can help you find something you love. 

Writing For Fun

I like to make homeschooling meaningful in our daily lives. For the Connections Stationary Kit, I felt like it made the most sense to use these for writing letters to our family. The stationary has a decorative strip on the right side, which my leftie thought was very unfair. 

He called it right-handed paper and grumbled about it. He's been a bit crabby about everything designed for righties since his right-handed twin broke the left-handed can opener though. It’s a good thing that lefties can easily adapt, which my son had no problem doing. 

How bad is it that I looked to see who was using which hand to tell the twins apart in these pics? In my defense, they did switch ends of the table from their normal spots. LOL

This set came with a thank you stamp the kids had lots of fun playing with and they liked using stickers to seal versus licking or gluing an envelope closed.

This kit comes with everything that a young writer would need. They recommend the writer being 6+, which my kids met the requirements for. Using the Connections Stationary Kit, kids can write letters and personalized notes. 

What Are Some of the Features of the Connections Stationary Kit?

You know, with a lot of kits you don’t get EVERYTHING you need to write or do a lesson with it. One of my favorite parts about this kit is that it included so much, plus I could include all of the boys! The kit comes with:

  • 25 pages of stationary
  • 25 envelopes
  • Stickers
  • Thank you stamp
  • Ink pads and pen

All of this is included so that your child takes the time to create unique letters to those they love. Your child can add stickers, stamps, or even a special ink pen. 

Plenty of Stationary

If you're going to have a writing kit, you might as well have plenty of stationery to get you by. I also love that there as many envelopes too. We'll be able to write several letters to friends and family!

Extra Fun Tools

The Connections Stationary Kit doesn't just come with stationery and envelopes though, there are extra things! Make sure you utilize the stamp and extra fun pen that comes with the set.

Don't Forget the Stickers!

It's vital that your kids are able to make the letter their own. Stickers help to customize the letters, which is a really fun part of this kit. You can either use them in the letter or just to seal the envelopes, like the twins did.

How did we like Connections Stationary Kit?

Writing letters to the family has been a really fun part of homeschooling and I hope to dive into that again soon. If you’re interested in buying a Connections Stationary Kit, I’d love to know what you think. Not all educational games come in the form of board games and this kit is proof. This Letter writing kit for kids was a hit! 

Would I Recommend Byron's Games?

Yes, I would recommend it. It's a good product to have on hand, whether you homeschool or not. I felt as though the Connections Stationary Kit from Byron's Games helped make writing more fun and personalized for those that aren't as eager to pick up a pen normally.

We are looking forward to trying out the Continent Race game at some point in the near future too!

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