Snakes and Frogs Sensory Bin Ideas

Even though my boys are older now, I love sharing fun sensory play for preschoolers.  The fact is with many subjects sensory bin ideas like this one featuring Snakes and Frogs can be perfect for occupying younger kid while also keeping your older children happy.  A house full of boys ensures that anything involving snakes and frogs is sure to be a hit in our house. 

Snakes and Frogs Sensory Bin

Snakes And Frogs Sensory Play For Preschoolers

Snacks and frogs are a great choice for sensory bins to use throughout your homeschool classroom.  Both boys and girls love playing in dirt which makes this ideal for any family.  Familiarizing your kids with snakes and frogs is also a great way to start their education early.  I hate seeing people afraid of these animals.  Proper education can ensure your children know good from bad animals.  It all begins at home, and this sensory play for preschoolers is a great choice!

Supplies for your Snake Sensory Bin: 

Small bin for each child

Dirt or sand for the bottom of the bin

Small bowl to go inside bin for creating a “pond”


Plastic snakes and frogs

Rocks or pebbles

Small branches and leaves

Spoons for scooping dirt, if desired

Tips for Using Sensory Bin Ideas:

  • Occupy younger kids with hands-on playtime using this frogs and snakes sensory play for preschoolers.  They can learn about textures by using pebbles, sticks, and dirt to create their own pond.  Another great tool is for use with younger children learning how to recognize different animals.
  • Teach children about the differences between types of frogs and snakes.  Cover which should be avoided and which are good to have around for pest and rodent control in your area.  You can also work with your children about understanding that each animal has a place in the ecosystem.  So, no matter how dangerous a snake or even frog may be to you personally, it probably has a purpose of keeping other animals at bay when needed.
  • Create vocabulary or spelling lessons around the items you add to your sensory bin about frogs and snakes.  This method is good for helping older kids with sight words, spelling, and definitions of words.
  • Assign older students an essay about the ecosystem around your homemade pond.  Have them write a one-page essay on what animals to expect living near a pond.  You can also have them choose either snakes or frogs and list out a set number of items that those animals do that is good.

Books For Use with this Sensory Bin Idea:

Sensory play for preschoolers isn't limited to just snakes and frogs.  Explore many different sensory experiences using some of our own options below or using your own imagination.  Thinking outside the box means you can make any sensory bin idea perfect for all ages.  Preschool, grade school and even middle school or high school students an all benefit from using a snake and frog diorama to learn.

Note from Savanah: Jody was kind enough to put together this post for us & use bright colored snakes that look nothing like what we have in the Midwest. I'm Ophidiophobic, so all snake books are read with a family member or independently and toy snakes have to be very obviously fake. Even though I'm beyond terrified of snakes, it's important to me that my boys are not adversely affected by my phobia.  My dad has caught snakes and let them handle them.  We watch documentaries on snakes (with me working on the laptop and not looking near the TV) and another family member escorts them through the snake exhibits at the zoo.

More Sensory Bin Ideas:

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