10 Spring Science Activities

Fun science activities are such a great way to get kids excited about learning.  This year you can have tons of fun learning with these 10 Spring Science Activities.  Not only are they educational, they are so much fun your kids will be begging to do them with you!

Spring Science Activities for kids

10 Spring Science Activities

We love science in our home, but especially science that gets the kids interested and asking more questions.  One reason we love homeschooling is because it gives us a unique chance to share things with our children that are truly important to them.  That means we can focus longer on something like wind and water power or how a plant grows than they would in a traditional classroom setting.  These great science activities are just the beginning of what we can interest them in.

We have gathered up 10 great choices for you to have fun with this year, that require minimal out of pocket expense.  Most of these science activities are actually are ideal since they only use items you would already have on hand in your home!

  1. Exploring How Water Travels Through Leaves (Buggy and Buddy)
  2. Crawling Colors (Parenting Chaos)
  3. Starting Seeds (The Kitchen Counter Chronicles)
  4. Rainbow Prism Mobile (What Do We Do All Day)
  5. Earth Worm Science Experiment (Inspiration Laboratories)
  6. Flower Petal Finger Paints (Chaos and the Clutter)
  7. Garden Math Measuring (The Educators Spin on It)
  8. Caterpillar Observation Lab (Creekside Learning)
  9. How to Make a Rain Gauge (Science Sparks)
  10. How to Hatch Baby Chicks (How Wee Learn)

Creating a genuine interest in science with your kids is important for their futures.  Science is in so many realms of the world, they need to respect and understand the power of knowledge.  From the simple aspect of how to plant a seed and nurture it so plants grow and produce fruit, to the science behind biology and our bodies capabilities are important for their development as adults.  These Spring science activities are a great way to create fun unit studies around subjects that your kids can be passionate about.

Some great extra unit studies can be built around these science activities by using a few fun books and tools.  We love taking one aspect and really taking a week or two to study and learn more about it.  Things like why we have worms and how they grow and reproduce can be an excellent choice for kids that like getting dirty.  Making your own rock candy could be another for kids that enjoy something less involved.  Science activities are all about getting your kids excited about the world around them!

Check out our favorite books for even more science activities ideas: 

Encourage your children to learn and grow by embracing their creative side.  Experiment with colors, nature and even simple things like how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.  If possible, plant a vegetable garden, raise a few chickens or even get active in a local 4H group that may be raising a goat, calf or pig to show at a local fair.  Science is all around your children and these science activities are just the beginning of their journey in knowledge.

Other great homeschool lessons and ideas:

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