Free Educational Apps for Kids


Free Educational Apps

As a homeschooling mom of 4, I've come to rely on certain tricks to keep everyone entertained without zonking into mindless TV.  One of my favorites is the apps on my phone & our Kindle Fire.  I have Zoodles installed on all of our devices & love it!  To know more about this amazing parental control system, check out the Zoodles review from my friend Heather at  I am so grateful she told me about it when I was complaining about the twins changing my keyboard settings (nothing like hitting send and realizing you just texted gibberish) for the thousandth time.

While they are playing with a device, I don't want them going into that mindless state you hit with some games, so we installed a ton of educational apps.  Being the frugal momma I am, I couldn't imagine paying for them when there are so many free ones available!  Because we are Android users with younger children, I had to get a little help with some apps for you Apple fans and parents of older children. Here are 25 of the best FREE educational apps for kids we found!

CleverMath-Learning with monsters

Dr. Panda, Teach me! (pre-school-kindergarten)

Khan Academy (Elementary age for math and science)

Map Puzzles For Kids

Little Writer (Tracing game for pre-schoolers)

Awesome Shape Puzzles-123 Free (Pre-schoolers-Kindergarten)

2nd Grade Learning Games

PBS videos

Kids Country Quiz 

Oh No! Fraction (elementary age)

50 Languages (learn other languages)

Phonics Genius

Pizza Fractions (Elementary age)

King of Math (elementary age)

Brainetics for kids

Toy Story Read-along

Kid’s Music Piano

See. Touch. Learn (pre-school-elementary)

Common Core Standards for Math (K-12)

History Line (Tween-teen)

Flashcards+ (elementary- teen)

Spelling City For Kids

Math is Fun

Phonics writing and spelling lite

Booksy: Teach your Child To Read (K-2)

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