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When we were given the opportunity to review Let's Go Geography, I was torn. Nick LOVES geography and we had planned for him to pick out a homeschool geography curriculum after he moves over in March, but after checking it out, I wasn't willing to wait!

I know the continents and oceans but I only have a vague understanding of where maybe 20 other countries are on a blank map. Needless to say, I've needed a thorough world homeschool geography curriculum that won't make the kids frustrated with me looking things up all the time. I'd never found one before that actually looked fun. Let's Go Geography, Year 2 fits all my needs!

Let's Go Geography, Year 2 Curriculum

We are using Let's Go Geography, Year 2 and will definitely be getting the other 2 years for our core homeschool geography curriculum.

Although it is split into 3 years, you could really start anywhere.

I cannot wait until we get to Year 3. It covers the Midwest and Scotland – my two favorite places in the world.

What Does a Lesson Include?

I love that Let's Go Geography isn't just dry reading and maps. Each lesson is split into chapters: Map, Flag, Music, Exploring, and Craft/Colouring. We get to involve multiple senses, which helps with memory retention.

Maps & Flags

My boys cut out and colored in the maps for the lesson while I read information related to the area to them. There are normally optional add-ons for older students as well. My boys are 10, 12, and 14, so we did the optional add-ons for everyone and sometimes pulled up Google Earth to locate and mark cities we knew for the country/area.

They also practice coloring in the associated flag. I like how anything complicated in the flag is preprinted while the outside and colors are meant to be copied by the student, helping them remember the flag better than if they just saw it.


We love music and listen to it constantly. I enjoy pretty much every genre of music. The boys each have their favorites but we all enjoy discovering new music. Hearing the national anthems from other countries and watching their traditional dances helps bring a little fun to the subject and can help create additional memory connections.

Exploring the Area

Most kids learn better when they are interested in the subject or it's presented in an interesting way. Let's Go Geography includes lots of facts and images for each area. Landmarks, animals, natural wonders, cities, villages and more are shown along with a little snippet of info.

Exploring chapters also have a video or more to help you see things in motion. I love that they use SafeYouTube.net to make sure kids can't click away and end up seeing something they shouldn't. We often do geography right before lunch so I will start a video and then pop into the kitchen to stir something, feeling secure that another video won't start afterward.


There is a craft supplies list for each lesson. They are basic art and household supplies, making it easy to get everything you need and keeping it affordable! And nothing requiring me to suddenly become an art teacher…and enlist my sister for the day.

How did we like Let's Go Geography?

We liked that lessons are quick and easy to move through, allowing us the ability to linger on things that really interest us without feeling rushed on another part of the lesson. If a video or fact sparks additional questions, we can go down the rabbit hole without worrying about being days behind.

Each lesson is set up to be done over the course of a week. Depending on your family you may do it in an afternoon a few, a chapter a day, or work on it a few days a week.

What Grades is Let's Go Geography For?

Let's Go Geography is designed for K-5. My 12-year-old struggles with anything outside of math, so most of this feels new to him & is helping increase his retention. My 14-year-old hasn't complained yet, but only really enjoys the Explore & Sightseeing section. He's done geography before but is retaining a little more and learning more about the culture in areas than he'd been exposed to in previous programs.

If I'd had access years ago, we would have started this when the twins were about 6 so the boys would have been 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades and used it as our sole homeschool geography curriculum.

Free Colouring Pages

Let's Go Geography offers free coloring pages! They have a 19-page pdf you can download. These aren't your basic color-it-in maps though. They try to work in facts for your child to absorb while coloring. I've found coloring pages to be great for helping keep kids entertained while I read aloud and they don't even realize how much they are learning!

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