Paleo Meal Plan Monday – Week of January 18th

Meal planning is the number one way to take control of your budget and make sure you are eating a healthy diet, regardless of what types of food you are eating. Skip the last minute temptation to order pizza by planning everything out in advance, grocery shopping for only what you need, and then sticking to it!

Paleo Meal Plan Monday

Even if you aren't strict Paleo (or Paleo at all!), I can guarantee you will find some delicious recipes here to try out!  Unless you are vegan, then you might have an issue since we eat a lot of animal products in this house.  You might be interested in some of the smoothie recipes I share though, since I don't do dairy.

As always, I do a complete meal plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack ideas, Dinner, and a few desserts), so feel free to skip to the sections you plan.  I HIGHLY recommend (free 30-day trial) to compile your recipes for the week, adjust to the number of servings you need, and print your grocery list.

Paleo Meal Plan Monday

Before we jump straight into the delicious recipes, I wanted to share my definition of Paleo because I know there are so many different ideas on what it really means. Paleo to me means: No grains (which includes corn – no, it's not really a vegetable), no refined sugar (honey & molasses are okay in moderation), no soy, no legumes (which includes peanuts, but green beans & peas are fine), and no dairy. Veggies are the primary food group, meat, nuts & seeds, healthy fats, and fruit.  All REAL food that tastes delicious and fuels the body without causing inflammation.

Paleo Breakfast Recipes:

Blueberry & Coconut Coffee Cake – I'm a huge coffee cake fan. A small slice served along with an easy breakfast scramble sounds like a great plan this week!

Bacon Breakfast Casserole – I can't wait to try this one! 

Sausage, Pepper, and Zucchini Breakfast Bowl – I'm not a huge zucchini person, but I know it's good for me, so this looks like a great way to sneak a little extra into our diet.

Ham, Apple, and Sweet Potato Scramble – In less than 20 minutes, we'll have a nice change from basic scramble eggs without much more work.

Paleo Eggs Benedict – I may do this on a lazy morning when I have a little extra time in the kitchen. It requires the ability to pay attention, which isn't always my strong point before my coffee kicks in.

Cabbage Breakfast Burritos with Sweet Potato Noodles – This is a great excuse to break out my spiralizer! I can do the sweet potato noodles the night before to throw this together a little faster in the morning for my hungry monsters!

Apple, Onion, and Chicken Breakfast Sausage  – I'm going to make up a large batch of these (with turkey instead of chicken) for the freezer this week.  Serve them with scrambled eggs and a piece of fruit for a filling and healthy breakfast.

Paleo Lunch Recipes:

Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki Cups – I love easy crockpot recipes and lettuce cups, so this is a win-win!

Paleo Avocado Tuna Salad – I can't do tuna (darn food sensitivities) but the kids will love this!

Butternut Squash Salad – This was designed as a side dish, but I think it makes a delicious and filling lunch!

Chelo Kabobs – I think I'll serve these with a Tzatziki sauce.

Bacon Wrapped Mahi Mahi – I'll serve this with a orange vinaigrette drizzled spinach salad!

Lamb & Asparagus Stir-Fry – I absolutely love Asparagus in a stir-fry and think the lamb will be great in this one!

Paleo Goulash – A great way to sneak more zucchini into my diet!

Paleo Snack Ideas:

Vanilla Cupcakes – After reading the comments on this, I'm going to sneak in a little fruit & shredded zucchini.

Hydrating Paleo Smoothie – The last few weeks, I've felt like I just can't drink enough water, so hopefully this smoothie will help!

Berry Beet Fruit Leathers – I'm going to try doing this in the oven since I don't have a dehydrator, but if anyone wants to tell my family to get me this one for my birthday, I wouldn't mind at all!

Brussels Sprout Chips – This is a vitamin rich snack that satisfies the crunch craving!

Paleo Snack Mix – This is quick and easy to whip up large quantities to have to snack on throughout the week.

Coconut Cream Pie Energy Bites – We had these on our menu last spring but I never ended up making them.  They still sound good, so I'm going to try again!

Fresh berries with shredded coconut – This is quick & you can use any fruit you want.  Maybe add some almond slivers or your favorite nut.

Paleo Dinner Recipes:

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Tropical Salsa – If you have been reading my meal plans for a while, you can tell we love fish and mango.  What better way to eat them than together in this lovely and quick dish?!?

Stuffed Zucchini with Turkey Sausage – Just leave out the parmesan for Paleo!

Dutch Oven Grecian Chicken – Serve this with some roasted root veggies for a delicious dinner!

Sweet Potato & Kale Chicken Patties – Serve with Garlic Roasted Cabbage Wedges!

Tea Smoked Five Spice Salmon with baby bok choy – This is a light dinner you must try!

Turkey Sweet Potato Chili – A delicious and filling chili recipe that won't have you missing beans in your chili at all!

Slow Cooker Squash & Ground Beef Curry – I'm hoping the boys enjoy this one, because I need more curry recipes!

Paleo Dessert Recipes:

Lemon Bars – I need to figure out a different crust recipe for this since I can't do almonds, but it looks delicious!

No-Bake Applesauce Brownies – These look so simple!  I bet I could let one of the kids whip these up!

Frozen Berries with Whipped Coconut Cream

Want more ideas?  Follow my Paleo Recipe board on Pinterest!

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