7 Benefits To Letting Your Kids Garden With You

Did you realize there are some amazing benefits to letting your kids garden with you?  As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking for opportunities to teach my children and expand their little world. Getting out into the garden and digging deep is one of those experiences that is rich in learning as well as just plain old fun.

A Kids Garden is the perfect way to bring the classroom outdoors! This summer, check out our list of 7 Benefits To Letting Your Kids Garden With You!

7 Benefits Of Letting Your Kids Garden With You

A kid's garden or simply letting your children help in your larger garden is an amazing way to teach them so many great things. This summer, get your kids involved in your gardening process to bring your family delicious foods that are fresh off the fine!

Fresh air and sunshine: The most obvious reason it is beneficial to create a kid's garden this year, is to get them outside, away from TV, video games, or anything else that keeps them from the outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine are absolute necessities for everyone but especially in childhood. This helps children sleep better and adds to overall health.

Grow Healthier Food: When you and your children grow your own food you can choose to avoid using any dangerous pesticides. This is not only healthier for your child while working in your kid's garden but also when eating the produce later. You can order some organic heirloom seeds for your kid's garden, and feel confident your family is eating a much healthier option than the mass-produced items you buy in chain grocery stores.

It teaches responsibility: Gardening is much like having a pet but less disastrous if things go wrong! Having children care for a living thing is a great way to teach them to be responsible. If they are neglectful and don’t tend to their garden they will have nothing to show for the work they do. On the other hand, a successful kids' garden gives a child pride and confidence in a job well done. It is also a wonderful lesson in patience!

Kids are more willing to try things: When children plant, water, care for, and eventually harvest something from the garden they are much more likely to try and like it. Even things like peppers, squash, and beans become less of a mystery and children are curious to at least try the food their hands nurtured.

They learn where their food comes from: You would be surprised how many children think that food just magically appears in the grocery store. They have no idea of the process of growing and harvesting food before it lands on their plate. Watching the process at an early age gives them an appreciation for it.
  This is, of course, a great lesson in sustainability for their future.

Science lessons: Where else can you get the hands-on experience like in a garden? Observing bugs, the effects of sun and water on seeds, soil quality, erosion, bird watching, the change of seasons, weather, and much more!  Lessons on plant life and even things like how to properly fertilize an organic garden are all great for science homeschool studies!

They gain confidence: When a child grows, gathers, and serves food to the family a world of confidence is opened up. They will gain a sense of pride in accomplishment that will surely carry over into other areas of life.  A kids garden is a great tool to encourage better self-esteem in a shy child!

Grab your kids their own set of garden tools and set out to build a fun and flavorful kid garden this year!  Not only will this benefit family health, it is a great tool to educate your kids while having fun outside.

Other Gardening Tips:

A Kids Garden is the perfect way to bring the classroom outdoors! This summer, check out our list of 7 Benefits To Letting Your Kids Garden With You!

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