Organizing The Toy Room

Every parent knows how important organizing the toy room can be for keeping your kids happy.  When your kids have easy access to their favorite toys, you have fewer headaches.  These tips are meant to help you make the most of the space you have. Don't forget to check out the rest of the organizing your home series!

Organizing the Toy Room

Organizing the toy room is a two fold project.  Not only does it help your kids have easier access to their belongings, it makes it easier for them to keep their toy room clean.  When things are well organized, it makes it easier for them to put stuff away as they get done playing instead of leaving toys strewn about their room.  These tips make that easier for them to accomplish, and that leaves everyone happy at the end of the day.

Organizing the Toy Room

Tips for Organizing the Toy Room

Invest in shelving or storage that suits your needs. Younger kids need storage they can easily use.  Low shelves, bins and totes are usually the way to go.  Older kids and teens will work well with book shelves and even hanging hooks at a higher location in the room.  You can easily use simple inexpensive book shelves and cloth bins to separate action figures, dolls, blocks and cars so it is easy for kids to grab a bin and go play.  Then when done for the day they simply put things back in and place the bin on the shelf.  Another great idea is to add hooks to the wall to hang dress up clothes for kids that love to pretend they are super heroes or a princess.

Regularly purge broken items. This may be one of the most important things to remember when organizing the toy room in your home.  Broken items or those with missing pieces should be purged regularly so they aren't needlessly taking up space. At least once a month sort through bins and throw away, replace or repair items that are broken.

Store like items together.  It is much easier for your kids to find what they need when you sort like items together.  Cloth bins, small totes or shelves to sort onto will work great for separating out things like building blocks, Lego's, dolls, cars, puzzles and more.  Keep like items together for easy access and easy cleanup for your kids.

Hang items as needed.  We already mentioned using hooks for play clothes, but you can also use large toy hammocks (this is actually the one we bought 2 years ago for the boys' room) to store stuffed animals or even balls.  Hang anything you can to free up floor space and use the great walls you have that are perfect for storage.

Use closets for extra storage.  Don't forget about closets that are often found in a toy room.  One key tip to organizing the toy room in your house is to take advantage of closet space.  They can be used for storing puzzles, games, dress up clothing, sports equipment or those items that are rarely used but not quite ready to go out into the trash bin.

These tips for organizing the toy room in your home will keep parents and kids alike happy.  No longer will you walk into a room with Lego's scattered across the floor.  These tips will keep your focus on keeping things organized at all times.

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