Organizing the Kids Bedroom

Ask most moms which room in the house they'd love to just pretend doesn't exist and they will say the kids' rooms.  They are a magnet for so many things – clothes, toys, papers, games, and even food & dirty dishes!  Use these tips for organizing and declutter your children's rooms today!  Don't forget to check out the rest of my easy organizing tips!


Creating an organization system the children can understand and cutting back so they aren't overwhelmed will reduce both of your stress levels! Organizing isn't something most children will easily understand, so keep it simple!  Clothes go here.  Toys in here.  Books go over here. Food never goes in the bedroom (if you master how to keep them from sneaking up a snack or a cup, please let me know!) and everything gets put away when we are done with it.

Organizing the Kids Bedroom

Organizing The Kids' Bedrooms

Start Sorting: Grab a few totes, laundry baskets, boxes, and trash bags. Today you are going to empty out the kids' room! Start by throwing all the clothes on the floor onto the bed. If you don't have clothes all over the floor, congrats; your children are much better at keeping their room clean than mine!  After the clothes are picked up, pick up any trash & throw it away.  Then put all the books onto the dresser & put the toys away.  If you don't have space for all the toys, just put them in a tote or laundry basket for now.

Cut the Clothing: Now, go through the clothes on the bed.  Put anything dirty in a laundry basket in the hallway.  Decide what fits (fold it or put it on a hanger), what is out of season (put it in a pile), and what needs donates (put it in a bag or box).  Do the same thing with each drawer in the dresser and everything in the closet.  Take the donation bag straight to your car and throw anything that is stained or ripped into your trash bag.  Pack up the out of season clothing if you have a place to store it. Otherwise, put it in the back or top of the closet.

Toys: Get rid of any toys your children have outgrown. This is easiest to do when they are occupied with a fun activity, at a playdate, or when your spouse can keep them outside for a bit. If they are in good condition, clean them up and donate them.  We donated our baby toys to the local homeless shelter and toys for older children were given to Goodwill.  Trash anything that is broken or missing pieces.

Think about your available space.  Would a large toy box work or would you be better off using bins & baskets on a shelving unit? We are lucky enough to have a large house, so toys are strictly forbidden in the bedrooms.  A corner of our schoolroom is devoted to toys & we store most of them in an organizer like this.

Organizing a child's bedroom can seem like a never-ending battle, but once you set up an easy to understand system, take the time to show them how to use it, and then encourage them to stay on top of it, you'll be glad you took the time!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Great ideas! My kids would be upset if I cleaned out their toys without them. We talk about generosity and sharing. Then, I let them pick out their own toys to donate before their birthdays and Christmas. (Sometimes we also sell old toys.) The other trick to keeping a clutter-free bedroom is teaching kids how to clean it independently. My kids have to pick it up in the morning and again before bed.