Organizing Your Desk

If you have a home office, you know the importance of organizing your desk so important things don't get covered up, shuffled around or lost.  Taking the time to set in practice a few standards for your desk will help you to be more productive at home, as well as keep you out of hot water with a lost or forgotten bill. Don't forget to check out the rest of our organizing your home series!

Organizing Your Desk

Organizing your desk is so much easier to do these days when you have great storage options at your fingertips.  From the local dollar store to Amazon, you can have something to your home and on or in your desk in just a few days.  Getting things in order in this part of your home will help you to stay on top of bills, work and household projects with ease.

Organizing Tips for Your Desk

Organizing Your Desk

Create an inbox.  Every desk needs a box, tray or folder for incoming bills, notes, permission slips and to-do lists to go.  This is the inbox that should be sorted through daily and handled as soon as possible.  It gives your family a place to put things so they aren't forgotten, and it will hold you accountable to completing projects in a timely manner.  Most commonly you will find trays, folders, or filing systems in the office supply department to accommodate this need.  Simple trays at the local dollar store are budget friendly office supplies and very effective for this purpose.

File away important papers that should be saved.  Instead of leaving those bills that have been paid in a stack on your desk, open the filing cabinet and file them away.  A filing cabinet or filing box is a must in every home office.  Not only will it keep like things together, it makes tax season way easier.  When you have everything orderly and in a file for future use, you are less likely to be found digging through boxes of receipts at the last minute.  File things away as soon as you are done with them so you don't have stacks of miscellaneous papers all over your desk.

Use color coded files for important papers and projects.  If you are working on multiple things at once, you can also invest in a simple mini file sorter for the top of your desk.  Use individual color coded folders in that sorter to distinguish between important papers, things to do immediately and long term projects.  This will keep things together and on your mind, but also far enough out of your way that you aren't constantly shuffling paperwork around and getting more disorganized.

Keep personal and business papers separated.  One key thing to organizing your desk is to keep your personal and business papers separate.  Sometimes you will use the same desk for both issues, but it is important to work on keeping them separated for future financial organization.  Create a drawer in your filing cabinet for personal and one for business.  Invest in folders or bins for the top of your desk to easily separate these items as you go.

Attend to mail daily. This is the key to keeping your desk organized at home.  Attend to your mail every day.  Don't let things pile up to look over at the end of the week.  Take 5-10 minutes a day to sort, organize and file what comes in the mail. The result will be less clutter on your desk, as well as you being more consistent in paying bills on time.

Do you use your desk for personal and business needs?

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