Not sure what all the buzz about essential oils is?  Already in love with them but need more ways to use your favorite essential oils? Scroll down for over 100 essential oil uses for your health & home!

Essential Oil Uses

I'm an essential oil addict.  I can't remember the last time I day went by when I didn't use at least one oil.  I use them in my homemade cleaners, sugar scrubs, in the diffuser, and topically.  

You may notice I didn't say anything about adding them to my water or otherwise ingesting them.  I don't use essential oils internally and cannot recommend it to anyone else unless you are under the care of a trained aromatherapist. Essential oils are very concentrated forms of the plants they come from and just because something is natural doesn't mean you should eat/drink it.  If you are concerned about how to safely use essential oils, I highly recommend Essential Oil Safety.

Don’t forget to check back as I add more ways to use essential oils for your health!

Essential Oil Uses

This list contains some great tips on essential oil uses for my personal favorite essential oils.  These are the stand-alone oils or blends I keep on hand at all times.  As you can see right away, there are already many ways to use these in your daily life, but each of these posts goes into detail about the ways to use them and some safety cautions.

More Aromatherapy Tools

Looking for something outside the standard household diffuser? Check out these fun ways to diffuse essential oils!

Using Essential Oils Around the House

One of my favorite essential oil uses is in creating homemade products.  I love replacing traditional brands with natural products I have made at home.  I share some of my favorite homemade cleaners, beauty products, and even fun uses that are great and safe for your homeschool classroom.

Where to Buy Essential Oils

I'm not “brand loyal” when it comes to essential oils.  Not every company will have every oil in stock at all times, so I've gotten used to using a few different brands.  While I have oils from both DoTerra and YoungLiving on my essential oil racks (they are actually sold as nail polish racks, but work great for storing essential oils for easy access!), their “therapeutic grade” standards are actually created by their own companies and they are so expensive!  

There are many other companies that provide high-quality oils without the high price tag or auto-ship programs. I don't have a real issue with either one, except they both recommend some scary essential oil uses – like ingesting a lot of essential oils on a regular basis and using some oils on babies that shouldn't be used until children are older!  If you want a quick guide on what oils to avoid with children, check out this resource guide from Herbal Academy!

One of my personal favorites is PlantTherapy. I love their oils, their honest information about using oils safely, and they have a rewards program! EdensGarden is another company I use often. Aura Acaia and Mountain Rose Herbs both have nice quality oils.

I go through a lot of lemon essential oil for my homemade laundry and dishwasher detergents, so I wanted something a little cheaper for it. Now Foods has a 4-ounce bottle that is usually under $15 on Amazon and smells great!  

Have a brand you love that I didn't mention?  Let me know so I can give it a try!

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Shop My Essential Oil Supplies

Love oils as much as I do? Check out these tools to keep them organized & create homemade products with them!

Wall storage rack for essential oils.Carrying case for essential oils.4 diffuser necklaces laying on a table.3 mini diffusers on a desk in front of a plant.
Salve containers in a pyramid with loose containers in front.15 cobalt blue spray bottles on a white background.24 roller bottles, mix of cobalt blue and amber, on a white background.Collection of amber essential oil bottles, dropper lids, and two silver funnels on a white background.

Essential Oil Accessories

If you love essential oils as much as we do, you'll want to stock up on some of these accessories! From organization to diffusers, from roller bottles and fun labels to containers to store all your homemade goodies!

Tons of Essential Oil Uses for your health & home!