20 Lime Essential Oil Uses

Use lime essential oil to make homemade body products, get rid of adhesive residue, & grow stronger nails! Here are my favorite 20 Lime Essential Oil Uses! Don't forget to check out these 200+ ways to use essential oils around the house too!

Don't miss our Top 20 Lime Essential Oil Uses! This bright and refreshing fragrance is helpful in tons of ways around your home!

Lime essential oil is one of my favorite basic essential oil scents.  It is bright and clean, making it a great addition to homemade cleaning products, but that is not the only thing it is useful for. It is antiviral, antiseptic, and antibacterial making it the perfect oil for homemade health and beauty products too as well as a host of other uses.

Internal use of essential oils has become extremely popular and due to my research, is no longer something I feel okay promoting.  I like to err on the side of caution when it comes to matters of safety.

If you like to add citrus essential oils to your water for health benefits & flavor, try slicing up some limes, grapefruits, lemons, and oranges at the beginning of the week and use a slice in your water every day instead.

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20 Lime Essential Oil Uses

Bath salts/body scrub:

Lime essential oil is a deliciously fresh scent and is amazing paired with coconut oil to create homemade beauty products.

Fever reducer:

Apply topically or add to a lukewarm bath to help control fever naturally.

Focus and refresh:

Inhale or diffuse for its mood-enhancing effects.

Blood pressure:

Place a few drops in your water or add to lotions, shampoos, and other daily care products.


Massage lime essential oil directly onto cellulite or make a moisturizer to rub in using it with fractionated coconut oil.


Fill a spray bottle with a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar, add 10-15 drops of lime essential oil.

Immunity booster:

Diffuse or apply topically to boost immunity.

Air purifier:

With its super cleansing properties lime essential oil can be diffused throughout your home to purify the air ( I add a few drops to my AC/furnace filter once or twice a month)

Bacterial infections:

Diffuse, apply topically, or inhale straight from the bottle.

Revitalize skin:

Include lime essential oil in your homemade face masks, lotions, and cleansers to brighten skin.

Varicose vein:

Apply directly to veins to reduce visibility and ease discomfort.

Adhesive remover:

Add a few drops to residue left by stickers on items, allow to sit for 5 minutes, rub away.

Nail growth:

Combine several drops with almond or coconut oil and massage them into cuticles.


Make your own shampoo using lime essential oil to help keep those nasty little things away!

Poor appetite:

If you've been sick and still haven't gotten your appetite back, try diffusing lime 30 minutes before mealtimes.  It increases appetite and increases digestive juices in the stomach, making it easier to digest your food.

Firm up:

Use lime with a carrier oil to tighten loose muscles.


Lime is an uplifting oil, so diffuse it during stressful times at home or at work.

Colds & sinus issues:

Add a few drops of lime EO to steaming water and inhale for relief from sinus congestion.


Add 2-3 drops to one ounce of carrier oil and massage the afflicted area.

Pest Repellent:

Diffuse lime oil to help deter those nasty gnats/fruit flies during the warmer months!

Applying citrus oils (or ingesting too much citrus juice) can cause photosensitivity or a sun rash, so after applying please limit your sun exposure for at least 6 hours.  My mother learned this the hard way after having a bit too much fun during her trip to Mexico and breaking out in a nasty rash.  When she got home, her doctor explained it was all caused by all the lime she was drinking with her tequila!

More Ways to Use Essential Oils

What is your favorite way to use lime essential oil? Do you have some essential oil uses that are not listed here? Share it with us!

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  1. I am new to Essential Oil. I would like to know when I mix the oil with fractionated coconut oil, what is the ratio? I have tiny roll on bottles to mix the oils together. Thank you!

  2. I use 15 drops of Frankensence, Melaleuca, and Lavendar oils to 1/2cup of coconut oil for eczema. It has worked very well.

  3. If your using 100% Therapeutic grade Essential Oils like Young Living, you can ingest oils using proper guidelines. I use Lime, Grapefruit and Orange in my water. I even use some oils like Black Pepper, Rosemary, and Basil in my cooking. Just be very sure its it’s real Therapeutic Grade Oil. It may say it… but if it’s cheap, it’s not real. Don’t be afraid.