Lemon Raspberry Homemade Lip Scrub

Lemon raspberry homemade lip scrub is the perfect choice for a great DIY summer beauty treatment.  These flavors go together wonderfully, and it is so easy to throw together!  I love making homemade beauty products like this for pampering myself or giving as gifts to friends. 

Easy Homemade Lemon Raspberry Lip Scrub

A homemade lip scrub is an ideal choice for a little at-home pampering.  All you have to do is mix a few ingredients together, and you have your very own at-home spa experience in minutes.  I don't know about you, but I hate spending a ton of money on pricey products that probably contain ingredients I just don't want anywhere near my skin, let alone my mouth.  Using this recipe, I can make something I feel safe using, and gifting to others.

Lemon Raspberry Homemade Lip Scrub

This recipe makes enough lemon raspberry homemade lip scrub to fill 2 small lip balm containers.  If you plan to gift this to friends, you'll want to double the recipe.  Since the lip balm containers are so inexpensive in bulk quantities, I usually buy 25-50 at a time and store in my craft closet.  That means I can whip up a gift item in just minutes anytime I need one!Ingredients for DIY Lemon Raspberry Lip Scrub

What You Need to Make Lemon Raspberry Homemade Lip Scrub

Lemon Raspberry Lip Scrub Step 1

How to Make Lemon Raspberry Homemade Lip Scrub

  1. In a small bowl, mix the sugar and almond oil together.
  2. Add the lemon essential oil and raspberry extract. Stir until well blended.
  3. Optional: add the Vitamin E drops and mix well.
  4. Transfer to an airtight container(s) and store up to 3 months.

Lemon Raspberry Lip Scrub Step 2

1. Wet lips with warm water and apply lemon raspberry lip scrub.
2. Gently rub lips with your finger in a circular motion for at least 30 seconds to allow the sugar granules to exfoliate and the almond oil to moisturize.
3.  Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.
4.  Apply your favorite lip balm moisturizer.

1.  Sugar is commonly used in homemade body scrubs and homemade lip scrubs as a natural skin exfoliant, while almond oil moisturizes and plumps up the skin.
2.  Lemon essential oil, with its sharp, citrus scent, is widely known for its cleansing and invigorating properties.

This lemon raspberry flavor is one of my favorites and is ideal for summer months with the bright fruit flavors.  Remember to test out a small amount on your skin before using on your lips to make sure you have no reaction to the oils or extract.  It is rare to see a reaction, but it is always a good idea to play it safe, especially when using on your lips.

Making a homemade lip scrub is a super easy project you can do with your kids.  Play with other favorite flavors and essential oils or extracts to create unique lip scrubs you love  You can easily make bulk batches and store for gifts, or make as needed.  You could even grab some small labels and add to the lids with ingredient lists and flavors.  This makes such a fun gift idea, but really is one of those items you'll love making for yourself.

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Homemade Lemon Raspberry Lip Scrub

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