Essential Oil Blends to Use at the First Sign of a Cold

Essential Oils are natural derivatives from plants in a highly concentrated form. It is no secret that plants have been used to cure ailments for centuries.

Many plants have certain properties including antibiotic, anti-fungal, or antiseptic. Here are some of our favorite essential oil blends to use at the first sign of a cold.

Kick Colds to the Curb with these Essential Oil Blends

For internal use, I recommend sticking with teas and using essential oils topically or in a diffuser.  Internal use of essential oils has become extremely popular and due to my research, is no longer something I feel okay promoting.

 I like to err on the side of caution when it comes to matters of safety. I've included a tea alternative for each of the essential oil blends below to give you some ideas to add to your home remedies plan for cold & flu season! 

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Essential Oil Blends For Cold & Flu Season

Thieves Essential Oil Blend

One of the most popular essential oil blends is Thieves Essential Oil (also known as Four Thieves, 5 Thieves, or OnGuard, depending on the brand). Thieves are comprised of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary Essential Oils.

 At the first sign of a cold, add a couple of drops of Thieves Essential Oil to your diffuser. We also apply this, with a carrier oil, to the bottoms of our feet. Ever wonder where Thieves Essential Oil got its name?

Back in the days of The Plague, four thieves would rub themselves with these ingredients and then go and steal from the dead, but they themselves never caught the deadly disease! A great-tasting tea I found that helps is this Immune Boosting Tea from My Healthy Green Family.

Breathe Essential Oil Blend

Breathe Essential Oil is perfect to use when you are having a hard time breathing. Mix just a few drops with a carrier oil like grapeseed or jojoba. Then rub this mixture onto the chest and back to help ease breathing from congestion.

Breathe Essential Oil (called Raven by YL) is comprised of Ravensara, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus. You can also do a homemade vapor rub – much better ingredients than that store-bought stuff!  This sage tea also helps with congestion & cough.

ImmuPower Essential Oil Blend

ImmuPower Essential Oil is an oil you want to diffuse the minute you think someone in your family is getting sick. You can also diffuse it throughout the year to keep your immune system thriving.

ImmuPower Essential Oil has these essential oils in it: Hyssop, Mountain Savory, Cistus, Camphor, Frankincense, Oregano, Clove, Cumin, and Dorado Azul. Here's an elderberry tea to help boost your immune system!

CitrusBlend Essential Oil Blend

Citrus fruits have long been used to help fight off the cold with their antibacterial properties and being so high in Vitamin C. Citrus Blend Essential Oil is rich in the antioxidant d-limonene which helps to support a healthy immune system.

Use Citrus Blend EO (a similar blend is CitrusFresh by YL) in your diffuser or air purifier. You can also mix it with a carrier oil and massage it into the bottom of your feet. Citrus Blend Essential Oil contains Orange,  Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime Essential oils. This is one we use in many of our homemade cleaners too!  For a tea, try this one with licorice root and cinnamon – you can even use it in kefir!

More Ways to Use Essential Oils

There you go – 4 essential oil blends to help during cold & flu season, along with some great tasting teas!  What's your favorite way to prevent colds or deal with them if they sneak up on you?

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  1. I haven’t tried much in the way of essential oils, but with cold season here I’ll be willing to try anything that might work! Thanks for the tips! #ThoughtfulSpot

  2. Some great tips here and some fab blends. I love citrus fragrances so think the citrus fresh sounds perfect. Will keep this in mind when we start getting sick again. Thank you so much for sharing at Turn It Up Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you again next week for another great party! Have a great weekend.