6 Essential Oils To Wake You Up With A Smile

Starting the day on the right foot and with a smile to boot can be quite a difficult task some mornings! Break out your diffuser and get ready to use these six essential oils to wake you up with a smile – promise!

If you are having an especially bad morning, think about making a roll-on or adding these oils to a great carrier oil and take a little vial with you to use throughout the day.

6 Essential Oils to Wake You Up with a Smile

I've very open about how much of an anti-morning person I am.  I'm trying so hard to become one, but my Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome frequently gets the best of me!  With four kids, getting up in the morning and not being a complete bear is a must, so I've been looking for ways to help regulate my sleep patterns to more socially acceptable standards.  

I've found that using room darkening curtains and my diffuser with Peace & Calming and Lavender essential oil helps me fall asleep, but waking up was a bit more difficult to manage. A wake-up light and using the essential oils below was a huge help.  I'm sure using my DIY coffee facial scrub every morning doesn't hurt either!

All of these oils can be used in the diffuser or topically.  I don't recommend ingesting any oils unless under the care of a trained aromatherapist. Since they are very concentrated oils when you are using high-quality oils (which are all I recommend for health purposes) and I sure wouldn't want to ingest oils diluted with who knows what!

Diffusing oils is very simple.  All you need is a diffuser, your favorite oils, and some water.  I recommend using filtered or distilled water as some tap water can plug up your diffuser over time. You can also get some roll-on bottles for your favorite custom blends or just to keep your favorite oils mixed with a carrier oil ready for use.  Creating your own lotions, massage oils, and liquid soaps is also very easy!

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6 Essential Oils to Start Your Day Right!

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil is a natural stimulant and antidepressant. Breathing in Grapefruit Essential Oil helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It also stimulates the brain helping it to let go of depression and increase feelings of hope and mindfulness. It does this by stimulating the endocrine glands that affect our hormones. Another powerful aromatherapy benefit of Grapefruit Essential Oil is how it stimulates the nervous system to make you more alert and active. Click here for more Grapefruit EO uses!

Lemon and Orange Essential Oils

Much like Grapefruit, both Lemon and Orange Essential Oils have a positive, stimulating effect on the brain. This stimulation helps to fight depression and anxiety allowing a more peaceful, grounded feeling to take root. It is hard not to smile when you are in a good mood and both essential oils help in that department. Check out some of my other favorite ways to use Orange Essential Oil here!

Rose and Ylang-Ylang Essential Oils

Rose Essential Oil has a lovely scent that has been shown to stimulate the nervous system by gently waking up the body. Combine that with the balancing effect of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil and you have a combination that helps to alleviate both anxiety and depression. You can use these separately, but they really are awesome essential oils to use together.

Geranium Essential Oil

The potent scent from Geranium Essential Oil helps you to wake up smiling feeling refreshed and recharged. Geranium eases stress and reduces depression and is a great essential oil to breathe in first thing in the morning. If you are having a lot of negative thoughts, take a few deep breaths of Geranium either right from the bottle or while it is being diffused.

More Ways to Use Essential Oils

What's your favorite way to wake up without being crabby in the morning?

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