15 Slow Cooker Dump Chicken Recipes

I'm a huge fan of Slow Cooker chicken recipes.  It's so easy to throw all the ingredients into the crockpot in the morning and have dinner ready in the evening with very little work.  Most are freezer-friendly, so you can just throw it into a freezer bag & dump in the crockpot whenever you want them.  While we try to stick to a Paleo diet, I do have the occasional cheat day & wanted to share some of these super easy recipes with you so you can stock your freezer and spend more time enjoying your family & less time in the kitchen! Check out these 15 Slow Cooker Dump Chicken Recipes today!

Slow Cooker Dump Chicken Recipes

If you've been following me a while, you know how much I love dump chicken recipes. Although I can't handle chicken anymore (darn autoimmune triggers), most stores carry boneless, skinless turkey breast that works great as an alternative! I have yet to find a recipe where I can't substitute turkey for the chicken!

15 Slow Cooker Dump Chicken Recipes:

Brown Sugar & Balsamic Glazed Crock Pot ChickenThis is a super easy recipe – just throw everything into the crockpot, cook on low for 4-6 hours, stir, and serve! Serve with rice, potatoes, or pasta, and a veggie for a complete dinner.

Easy Chicken Tikka MasalaIndian flavors come to life in this mild but delicious chicken dish featuring a rich tomato and coconut curry.  It is perfect over rice and served with freshly toasted NAAN bread.

Garlic Parmesan Crockpot Dump ChickenThis is perfect for when you're craving something creamy and don't want to stand over the stove.  Feel free to add some broccoli (washed & chopped, but not cooked) to save making a side or serve along side some steamed veggies!

Slow Cooker Chicken FajitasThis one cooks on high for 6 hours and contains lots of tips to make prepping your freezer meals easier!  She also recommends 4 different easy side dishes that go great with fajitas!

Fiesta Chicken Crockpot Recipe: This is the original fiesta chicken recipe that went viral on Facebook & Twitter last year – it's super easy to make & so delicious!  I've done it as a freezer meal by throwing everything into a gallon size freezer bag and then dumping into the crockpot frozen in the morning.  You can either freeze the cream cheese with the rest of the ingredients or put in a block of cream cheese from the fridge about 40 minutes before it's done cooking.  We've tried it both ways!

Bourbon ChickenThis one uses Bourbon, but it can be substituted with broth instead if you don't have Bourbon on hand. Serve over rice with the veggie of your choice for a complete meal!

Cilantro Lime ChickenThis was designed to be grilled but is also great in the crockpot!  Simply cook on low for 6 hours until done. It'd be delicious over rice, sliced as a salad topper, or shredded in tacos!

Rosemary Dump ChickenThis rosemary dump chicken recipe is super easy and you probably have everything on hand already!  Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours, serve with some mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans for an easy and complete dinner!

Slow Cooker Sweet Fire ChickenThis sweet fire chicken is a much healthier version than one of my favorites from the local Chinese restaurant! Serve with this amazing fried rice recipe to sneak in some more veggies and protein!

Slow Cooker Spicy Saffron Chicken with ApricotsThis Indian dish has 8 different herbs and spices, plus apricots, to keep things interesting.  She also has an ebook on freezer bag slow cooker with 12 clean eating recipes and plenty of tips!

Chicken CacciatoreThis one is only 5 ingredients and looks delicious!  Serve with spaghetti noodles or zoodles! Plus 4 other freezer to slow cooker recipes like BBQ Cranberry Chicken you've got to try!

Crockpot Applesauce BBQ ChickenThe kids will love this applesauce BBQ chicken and you'll love how easy it is to throw together! I'd love to try this one with some roasted brussels sprouts and homemade sweet potato fries. It's just one of the recipes in her 40 meals in 4 hours series!

Sweet Orange Ginger Chicken Dump DinnerThis one only requires a few ingredients and then 4-6 hours in the crockpot, depending on whether you cooked from frozen or defrosted! The orange and ginger really compliment each other and will have your family raving!  Pair with rice and a salad for a complete dinner!

Slow Cooker Kung Pao ChickenThis one uses bottle sauce as a base plus fresh veggies.  You could always make your own Kung Pao sauce, but I haven't found a good recipe for one yet.  If you have one, let me know in a comment!  Serve with rice and maybe some crab rangoon – one of my favorite foods in the world. I think I really only like Chinese/Asian food because it all gives me an excuse to fry up some crab rangoon!

Coconut Curry ChickenPlus 6 other freezer to slow cooker recipes!

I love easy dinners and these slow cooker dump chicken recipes help me get dinner on the table without stressing! They truly make meal planning for my family manageable around our busy schedule.  Which one would you like to try first? Leave a comment and let me know!

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