10 Simple Vegetable Canning Recipes

Home vegetable canning recipes at one point were passed down generation to generation.  In fact, while available in limited varieties, canned goods in grocery stores really didn't become a popular grocery item until the 1950's and for many not until the 1960's or 1970's.  Since this is no longer the case, and canned goods line nearly every pantry, I decided to share some great home canning recipes to help get you started canning your own vegetables at home.

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With all of the chemicals involved in growing crops in modern agriculture, I feel much safer feeding my family fresh produce from my own garden, so home vegetable canning recipes are a must.  Since winter temperatures prevent us from having a garden year round, I much prefer having extra produce canned by me than buying stuff in stores.  I just don't like wasting the money, nor do I like the flavor and added preservatives or sodium often found in canned goods at the grocery.  These recipes remedy that easily.

10 Simple Vegetable Canning Recipes

Having some easy and delicious vegetable canning recipes on hand like the ones we have gathered are just what you need to get started in home canning.

  1. Sweet Potatoes (Little House Living)
  2. Pickled Beets (Feeding Big)
  3. Cabbage (Little House Living)
  4. Green Beans and Potatoes (Big Red Couch)
  5. Pickled Carrots (High Heels and Grills)
  6. Pickled Cauliflower (Recipe Girl)
  7. Butternut Squash (Self Reliant School)
  8. Green Peas (Canning Granny)
  9. Pickled Corn with Red Onions (A Southern Soul)
  10. Pickled Brussel Sprouts (Serious Eats)

One of the many benefits of growing your own garden has long been the ability to have produce year-round.  When you have an abundance of fresh produce that can't be eaten before it ruins, you can easily can the excess and store for use later.  These recipes prove just how simple that can be.  I love knowing that I can provide my family with delicious and nutritious food year-round from our own garden.

You'll need a few tools, to begin with, so I've gathered my must-have items for you and listed below.

While pressure canning is the traditional method of canning, there are several safe water bath recommendations.  For those who fear potential safety problems using a water bath only, a pressure canner is an investment that is well worth your money.  Not only can you use it for canning vegetables, you can use it for jams and jellies and yes, even meats, soups, and stews.  This can completely change how your pantry and grocery budget work together.  By canning the foods you have an excess of, you are saving your family money on groceries later down the road.

This list of easy and delicious home vegetable canning recipes is sure to totally change your pantry.  You'll love being able to easily open a jar of home-canned food months down the road and know you are feeding your family something healthy that you grew and preserved with your own hands.

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