15 Fall Apple Recipes

15 Fall Apple Recipes
One of the best parts of fall is all the apple recipes I get to try out!  Over time, I've learned a little about the different varieties of apples & how to use each one best.  Before I share 15 of the best Fall Apple Recipes, let's take a minute to look at the most common varieties of apples you'll find in store.

The most popular kind of apple is the Red Delicious. Their skin is a deep red color when ripe. They crunch to satisfaction and have a sweet taste.

Golden Delicious apples aren't a good apple for baking because of their softer texture, but they are great for slicing or cutting up in a fruit salad because they don't brown as quickly as other varieties of apple.

Gala apples are sweet. They are great for introducing little kids to apple. They also hold up well when baked.

Granny Smith apples are very tart and is quite versatile. They are most commonly used for pies, cobbler, or tarts.

Making apple cider?  Try the McIntosh apple!

Fall Apple Recipes

Apple Pie In a Cone
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