Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search

A Thanksgiving Word Search is a great option to keep your kids occupied and happy during the fall holiday break.  You can easily use this as busy work or as a way to keep them learning even during a break, this is a great printable to grab. 

Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search

I love keeping the boys busy during our break time in the Fall.  Thanksgiving is a special time, and I don't like to work so hard on homeschool lessons during what is a much more family oriented week.  That said, I need something to keep them busy, and this printable Thanksgiving word search is a perfect solution.  I can hand these out and know that they will work for all of my sons, no matter the ages.

Utilizing a Thanksgiving word search during the holiday break is a great choice to help add some education to the week without pressuring them into traditional lessons.  Since my boys like the word searches, it's super easy to get them on board.

How To Use Thanksgiving Word Search For Education:

Read books out loud while they do the word searches: I love reading to my boys, and they are always asking to just sit and read.  I can hand them these Thanksgiving word searches and easily have them occupied while you read.

Some of our favorite Thanksgiving books:  

Have them copy the words as spelling lessons:  Using these Thanksgiving word searches to create easy spelling lessons is another way to occupy time and still have fun during the holiday.  After your kids find the words on the Thanksgiving word search, they can copy those words down multiple times as a way to help remember their spelling.

Help them understand word definitions:  This is also another great time to answer questions about the origins of words like harvest and cornucopia and why they are important to Thanksgiving.  Many children don't know the origins of the words and why they are so vital to the original Thanksgiving.  This is a great time to help them understand more about the first Thanksgiving.

Print your Free Thanksgiving Word Search Below:

Free Thanksgiving Word Search Printable


Free Thanksgiving Word Search Printable for Preschoolers

This Thanksgiving Word Search is a great option for keeping your kids happy and busy during an otherwise dull holiday break.  Enjoy helping them complete this along with other fun Thanksgiving lessons we have shared before.

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