Average Grocery Bill Savings: How to Cut 10%-30%

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Food is an essential chunk of your monthly budget, but it also happens to be the one expense that varies the most depending on how busy our lives are at any point in time. That's why it is important to understand some of our Average Grocery Bill Savings Tips.  Whether you are feeding one or six, it is possible to cut ten to thirty percent off your food bill each and every month. None of the ideas I am about to share are hard or require extreme measures, but they do require that you, and the family, work at cutting the bill together.

Try these smart ways to do better on next month’s food budget and you might even surprise yourself by how much lower your average grocery bill is suddenly!

Try these smart ways to do better on next month’s food budget and you might even surprise yourself by how every tip fits smoothly into your schedule and planned spending for the month.  You'll find that your average grocery bill is suddenly much lower than what you are used to seeing!

Average Grocery Bill Savings: How to Cut 10%-30%

Research Your Pantry

Like our clothes closet, our pantries tend to pile up with food and products that we do not use up. Before your next shopping trip take stock of what you or the family tends to eat more of, what gets left on the shelf and how fast you are eating or tossing perishables. Once you’ve done your homework you can make better decisions and know where to cut costs at the grocery store– and that includes passing up the super bargains that you would normally grab and try to get the kids to eat by disguising it in their meals.

If you are always struggling to see things in your pantry, take some time to organize and label.  We have great pantry organizing tips you can follow, and you'll be surprised at what a few can shelf organizers, and kitchen labels can do to make a difference!

Create Favorites At Home

Instead of always going out to grab your favorite drink, or getting the kid’s favorite takeout, learn how to whip, brew, and bake at home. There are so many recipe sites and blogs dedicated to recreating popular dishes and drinks. Find them and then learn to make them for yourself. You’ll end up saving money, get the kids interested in making their own meals and eat healthier too.

A few of our tips and recipes for creating copycat versions at home:

Eat Before You Leave

Another great way to avoid busting the food budget every month is to nip impromptu food stops while on the road in the bud. The best way to do that is to eat before leaving the house because then you and everyone else is less likely to grow hungry while the family is out.

How to Save money on groceries without clipping coupons

Plan Meals and Spend at the Grocery Store

Individuals and families that plan out their meals before shopping tend to spend less on unnecessary purchases that end up in the back of the pantry or fridge and avoid the temptation to order out. Create a list based on your meal plan and spend your food bill budget at the grocery store.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you get started:

It takes a little extra effort, but being smart with your money isn’t going to leave anyone hungry or searching for extra funds at the end of the month.  The average grocery bill for your family doesn't have to be a challenge to manage.  These tips are an excellent starting point for getting your family budget in control.

More Family Budget Tips: 

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