7 Ways To Save At Your Hobby Lobby Store

Do you love your local Hobby Lobby store for all of your crafting and craft supply needs? Or perhaps you aren’t so crafty, and love it for home décor, candles, and framing. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of ways to still get your Hobby Lobby fix in while saving some serious cash.  We've decided to share some our favorite ways here for you to enjoy!

7 Secrets to Save Big at your local Hobby Lobby store

7 Ways To Save At Your Hobby Lobby Store

1. Use your mobile coupon.
While your Hobby Lobby store offers a weekly newspaper coupon, typically for 40% off any regular priced item, you can also access the coupon on your mobile phone. Just open your browser to www.hobbylobby.com and click on the coupon link. It will pull the coupon up and you can use it right there at checkout. This is perfect for those last minute trips you didn't plan.

2. Check the weekly flyer.
Hobby Lobby runs different sales each week, and checking out the weekly flyer prior is always helpful. Not only can it help you plan your shopping trip of what to buy, but it can also help you decide on what to hold off on buying. If an item isn’t in the flyer this week, chances are if you wait it will be in next weeks.

3. Watch your cashier carefully.
Since none of the items in Hobby Lobby have bar codes and need to be entered manually, you have to watch your cashiers. This is a little work but it is worth doing. Wrong numbers get put in all the time, and you also have to be sure they are discounting any items that need to be discounted. Being vigilant during checkout is the best way to make this happen.

4. Head to the rear of the store.
All of the clearance items can be found along the back wall at the rear of your Hobby Lobby store. Here you will see the bright orange clearance signs as well as the orange clearance stickers. This is one of the best spots to find discontinued items, lightly damaged pieces, or items that have been opened.

5. Skip licensed items.
The My Little Pony, Disney Princess, and Minion crafts and accessories might look cute, but the commercial and licensed items are often marked up and you may not always be able to use the coupon on them. You would do better to buy these items at Walmart or Target where the prices are lower, no coupon or special sale required.

6. Keep your receipt.
If you purchase an item that goes on sale the following week, you can get a price adjustment. Ask your store manager what the price adjustment policy is, but in most cases, you will just need the receipt in order to get the difference refunded back to you.

7. Know what to buy and what to skip.
Hobby Lobby has great deals on fabric, beads, and most of your craft supplies. Their home goods, home décor, and many of their crafting kits, however, are inflated in price. Stock up on crafting supplies at your Hobby Lobby store, but skip the other decorative items unless you have a coupon or find them significantly marked down.

Hobby Lobby is a store you need to practice patience in. If you can wait for an item to go on sale or clearance, you can get a great deal! Keep these tips in mind when shopping at your Hobby Lobby store and see what a difference they can make at checkout!

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