Tips For Adding A Teen Driver To Car Insurance

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nationwide provided me with information regarding its Nationwide Learning Center article.  I knew in a few years we would have to really consider adding a teen driver to car insurance, so when they approached me about sharing tips I was excited to learn more.  Those teen years aren't too far behind me, but I don't remember the ins and outs of beginning car insurance so this was a great refresher.


Find out your state laws.  One of the first things you need to know about Adding a Teen Driver to Car Insurance is what your individual state laws are regarding teen drivers.  Some states’ insurance policies cover drivers as they are in the learning process with permits.  Others require a permit driver that isn't fully licensed to be added to your insurance.  Contact your local insurance agent to verify your state requirements about when your teen driver needs to be added, as well as what type of policy upgrade may be needed.  Sometimes full coverage is required instead of a basic liability policy.

Ask about student discounts.  Many auto insurance companies will allow you to utilize your student’s good grades to get a discount on auto insurance. Adding a Teen Driver to Car Insurance is another great reason to encourage your kids to reach their academic goals.  In fact, many states actually require a set grade point average for a student to receive their license.  Adding the encouragement of better auto insurance rates in the process is a huge bonus for both parents and the new teen driver.

Choose the right vehicle.  When you add a teen driver to an auto insurance policy, you will be asked to make them a primary driver for a vehicle.  The vehicle you choose will go a long way toward what your insurance rate will be.  As you have probably heard in the past, it is easy to see a sports car being more expensive to insure than a family sedan.  The reason being that one type of car typically encourages a bit more reckless behavior than another.  As you look for that first car for your teenager, think about something sensible and shop around for a vehicle that will be both useful to them and offer lower insurance rates due to being a safer vehicle.

Require your teen to take driver training classes.  While this is now required in most states, it is a great way to lower insurance rates and give your teen driver a safer look at driving.  Learning from a licensed expert the proper way to handle a vehicle, and all of the rules and regulations for your state, is the best way to teach them how to operate a car.  Most high schools even offer this as part of their elective curriculum at no additional cost.

As you, like most parents, face the prospect of adding your teen to your vehicle insurance, don't hesitate to check the tips and recommendations from Nationwide about Adding a Teen Driver to Car Insurance.  Not only will they have amazing tips and rates for you to look over, but they have great information about how to keep your children safe on the road when you aren't in the car with them.

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  1. I need to add my son to our auto insurance. It makes sense that I would want to ask about student discounts! It would be nice to not have to spend as much, after all.