Simple Ways To Lower Your Winter Heat Bill

These simple ways to lower your winter heat bill are going to completely revitalize your budget during the cooler months.  Some of these ideas are likely already in use in your home, but if not it is one more way to stay in budget with ease.

Simple Ways to Lower Your Winter Heat Bill


Keeping everyone warm in the winter months can be especially tough when you live in a climate that stays below freezing.  These ways to lower your winter heat bill include things you might already be thinking of, as well as some unique ideas that have been handed down from generations that might not have had heating conveniences we currently have.

Simple Ways To Lower Your Winter Heat Bill

Seal windows, doors and holes that leak cool air into your home.  Every fall you should take the time to go through your house to add caulk, weather stripping or other sealants to close up any leaks that may occur around your windows and doors.  Sometimes, a new windowsill, window or even doorjamb may be the best choice.  You will also want to check around gutters, chimneys and any entrance to your attic or basement to make sure that everything is sealed properly and there are no holes for air to come in and cool off your home.

Add more rugs to your floors.  With the addition of carpeting or an area rug to your home, you'll find your feet won't get cold as easily.  That means you are less likely to turn the heat up unnecessarily.  Additional floor coverings always help keep a room warmer which results in you not cranking the heat up as high as you might otherwise.

Use alternate heat sources.  Use wood heat or even a pellet stove for alternate heat that isn't as costly as gas or electric.  There are multiple times when wood heat is a great lower cost winter heat source.  However, you will want to make sure that you won't be paying more out of pocket for the wood itself than you would be spending on your utility bills.  If you have a free wood source, then this investment for a wood burning stove or fireplace will be a great savings over time.

Add more window and wall coverings.  Many homes have only thin curtains or mini-blinds on their windows.  A thicker more appropriate window covering will help to block even more cool air from seeping into your home.  If your home has poor insulation, another alternative is to hang quilts or blankets on the walls to help provide an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Add more layers of clothing.  One of the best things you can do is lower the thermostat and add more layers of clothing instead.  Wear socks, sweaters and layers of clothing inside your home.  Throw on an extra blanket at bedtime, or snuggle on the couch under a throw or blanket instead of turning up the heat. My kids have a “downstairs blanket” for if they get a little chilly during the day. I'm partial to these throw blankets I ordered from Amazon.  Not only are they affordable (normally under $20), they are decent sized and oh-so-soft!

Use a programmable thermostat. Set your schedule into the thermostat to lower the temperature in the house a few degrees when you are gone during the day and when you are sleeping.  Not only does this save you money on your monthly heating bills (3% for every degree you turn it down), my furnace guy says it will actually extend the life of your furnace because it doesn't run when you don't need it.

When you are trying to lower your winter heat bill, you'll be able to easily make a big impact just by doing these simple things.  There is no reason to go into debt in the winter just to keep your family warm.

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