21 Paleo Ground Turkey Recipes

Paleo ground turkey recipes are a great way to live the paleo lifestyle while making some easy and delicious dishes for you and your family! Our paleo ground turkey recipes roundup has everything from chili to meatloaf and stuffed peppers. You are sure to find something everyone in your family will love!

Do you struggle to find paleo recipes the whole family will eat?  I did too!  Especially when I have my nephews over. 3 of them are pretty picky eaters so I like to have a wide variety of recipes.  I get burned out on beef, seafood can be a bit expensive, and chicken is not my friend, so I figured I need some good ground turkey (or turkey mince as my fiancĂ© says) recipes that all of the boys will eat.  After surfing Pinterest and asking some of my blogging friends, I put together this list of 21 Paleo ground turkey recipes I think even my nephews will love!

21 Paleo Ground Turkey Recipes

  1. Paleo Taco Sweet Potato Hash – This is one of our family favorites! Delicious sweet potatoes, healthy protein, and a fun taco feel!
  2. Turkey Pumpkin Chili – This is a fun twist on classic chili recipes! The pumpkin gives this paleo chili recipe an extra heartiness that's sure to warm the belly!
  3. Paleo Crockpot Lasagna – Just because you are living the paleo lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up lasagna. This paleo ground turkey recipe uses root vegetables and meat sauce to make a delicious filling! Throw in some thin zucchini slices for “noodles” and this dish is done!
  4. Paleo Meatloaf Muffins – These fun paleo meatloaf muffins are your favorite meatloaf but in the palm of your hand! They feature a homemade roasted tomato sauce and little portions of meatloaf that would be great for any mealtime.
  5. Paleo Meatloaf Recipe – Meatloaf is an American dinner classic. This paleo meatloaf recipe features ground turkey, tomato paste, and bell pepper to give it a little-added boost!
  6. Paleo Turkey Stuffed Peppers – Ground turkey, marinara sauce, and spinach make these paleo stuffed peppers a comfort food.
  7. Paleo Turkey Veggie Meatballs – Add these paleo turkey veggie meatballs a top of some zoodles, and dinner is done! It's a delicious ground turkey paleo recipe that reminds me you of classics you ate as a kid.
  8. Turkey Patties with Avocado and Spaghetti Squash – Turkey doesn't have to be dry and boring. These turkey patties have avocado added for some delicious richness and placed atop spaghetti squash for some added crunch.
  9. Lazy Cabbage Rolls – The lazy cabbage rolls have all the great flavor of cabbage rolls without actually having to roll them! They are super easy, chock full of flavor, and ready in no time flat.
  10. Greek Turkey Burgers with Coconut Dill Sauce – Don't let this word Greek lead you astray. These Greek Turkey Burgers have a delicious coconut dill sauce that has all the creaminess of traditional Greek dishes and the hearty punch of dill.
  11. Ground Turkey Taco Bowls with Cauliflower Spanish Rice – This paleo ground turkey recipe is like your favorite Mexican restaurant dish, but paleo-friendly. It has cauliflower rice, avocado, cumin, chili powder, and more classic taco flavors!
  12. Stuffed Delicata Squash – If you are looking for a warm, earthy flavored meal this stuffed delicata squash is that recipe! Gorgeous delicata squashes halved and seeded and stuffed with spinach, ground turkey, tomatoes, and onions. A clean and simple dish to feed the whole family.
  13. Sweet Potato Turkey Chili – Sweet potatoes are another way you can make your favorite chili recipe more earthy. Top this ground turkey recipe with avocado for even more creaminess.
  14. Thai Turkey Burger – These Thai turkey burgers are on lettuce wraps and topped with a Thai inspired coleslaw! Almond butter and coconut aminos make the Thai inspired sauce that brings this delicious dish together.
  15. Turkey Hash with Peppers – This turkey hash with peppers would be great for any meal! Add an egg on top for breakfast, or eat it as a side dish at dinner!
  16. Jalapeno Turkey Burgers – These jalapeno turkey burgers have the low heat of the jalapeno, and are topped with a creamy avocado spread. They are so chock full of flavor you won't miss the bun.
  17. Turkey Brussel Sprouts Skillet – Brussel sprouts most certainly don't have to be boring. This ground turkey brussels sprouts skillet has lovely flavors of cayenne, garlic, and chili powders. It's a one-pan meal that makes a quick and easy dinner!
  18. Szechuan Peppers and Ground Turkey – If you are craving Chinese food, this Szechuan peppers and ground turkey recipe is the way to go! Water chestnuts, coconut aminos, and ginger give this dish an Asian flavor while still being paleo-friendly.
  19. Homemade Teriyaki Turkey Burgers – Teriyaki is such a fun flavor to play around with, and this recipe is the great tastes of teriyaki while being paleo-friendly!
  20. 3 Ingredient Breakfast Skillet – This easy paleo breakfast idea only has three ingredients! Ground turkey, salsa, and eggs. Yum!!
  21. Turkey, Spinach, and Caramelized Onion Breakfast Sausage – The caramelized onion and sage turn this turkey sausage into the best breakfast sausage I've ever had!

What's your favorite ground turkey recipe? Which one of these would you like to try first? Leave a comment and let me know!

Tools to Make Paleo Cooking Easier:

My fiancĂ© and I have been cooking via video call every Saturday for a while now.  He is a beginning cook and only had the very basics when we first started dating.  Here are a few of the kitchen tools and gadgets he has found invaluable!

  • Garlic Press – I really like this one from OXO.
  • Meat Thermometer – I searched dozens of shops in Scotland before I finally found one for him in a specialty cooking shop! I'd love to have this wireless one though!
  • Measuring cups & spoons – We both have a set like this one. I also have this OXO liquid measuring cup set and love it.
  • Kitchen scale – He lives in the UK and uses metric.  When I was over there, I discovered how much more accurate baking is when done by weight & continue the habit at home.

More Paleo Recipes

If this list doesn't get your mouth watering, don't miss out on our other favorite paleo recipes! Make sure to pin, bookmark, or print these to have on hand as you meal plan this year! You can even use our tips for organizing your recipe collection to make it easier!

Ground turkey lasagna, cabbage rolls, and other paleo ground turkey recipes

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