10 Frugal Homeschool Storage Solutions

Want to homeschool but don't know where you will put everything? Have space for storage but the budget is too tight for all those fancy shelves and other IKEA organizational items I spend hours drooling over?

By upcycling things you already have and using a little creativity, you may find more storage places and things you can repurpose for your homeschooling adventures than you thought possible. To help get you started without breaking the bank, I put together a list of 10 frugal ways to store your homeschool materials!

10 Frugal Ways to Store Homeschool Materials

Two of the most common reasons I hear people say they can't homeschool is “We don't have a room for school” and “We can't afford to homeschool” A dedicated school room is great, but not necessary.  When we started homeschooling, homeschooling was done at the dining table and our materials were stashed on a bookshelf and in random places around the house. Since then, I've managed to slowly remodel rooms in our house and create a dedicated school room.  Although, the boys still prefer to do school at the table and, honestly, so do I!

10 Frugal Homeschool Storage Solutions

Even though we have more space and a bigger budget than we did in those early days, I'm still all about saving a dollar whenever possible! These 10 frugal ways to store homeschool materials will help you get organized and free up a little of your budget for more curriculum!

DIY Wood Crate Bookcase – I love the bright colors and unique design here.  Plus, you can reconfigure it easily to work for your space and even adjust later on!

Dedicated Homeschool Room – Tons of ideas here. I like how she has the closet set up and wish I had a closet that nice in this house!

Homeschool Hideaway Ideas – She uses curtains/cloth to create hidden areas for storage without the appearance of clutter, which I love because a full bookshelf can quickly take on a messy look.

Dish Drainer Book Storage – I love repurposing old items or using something new to create a vintage look.  You could go either way with this!

Dual-Purpose Crate Seat – This is a cute way to create some extra storage and fun seating! So many different options for color and style here too!

Portable Supply Caddy – This was designed as a homework caddy but I think it would great for organizing art supplies in your homeschool room too!

Home Preschool Corner – Her school corner uses a combination of canvas drawers and visible books to stay organized while reducing the appearance of clutter.  I wish I had thought of organizing our sensory bin materials like this years ago!

Organized Art & Craft Supplies – This is one I constantly struggle with.  Right now, it is all hidden in an arts and crafts cupboard but I love how she has this setup.  Easily accessible and so cute!

Storing Math Manipulatives – These plastic organizers help keep her math manipulatives organized and from taking over! 

Busy Bags – They have a dedicated school room with so many storage ideas, but I really love how she keeps the busy bags on the wall.  They take up so much space when you try to store them on a bookshelf in baskets, but this gives you more flexibility on location and you can utilize areas where the furniture doesn't fit quite right too!

What are some of your favorite homeschool storage solutions?

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  1. We are in the process of selling and moving to a new home. Right now, we have a 9×9 room for 3 kids and myself – I am a homeschool support teacher. So it gets a bit cramped. I am starting to gather ideas for a newer, larger area to work in, so your list of storage ideas, etc will be most helpful. I am pinning!