21 Almond Milk Smoothies with Spinach

These 21 almond milk smoothies with spinach are a great way to start your day off right, or as an extra pick-me-up in the afternoon! Use these spinach & almond milk smoothies to replace low nutrient-density snacks and unfulfilling treats to keep you going all day long!

21 Almond Milk Smoothies with Spinach

Almond Milk Smoothies with Spinach

I'm lucky enough to not have any picky eating kids, but my fiance is a different story! Plus spinach is hit or miss with the boys lately.  So instead of risking it becoming a fight, I started using spinach in smoothies more.  It's a nutrient-rich food and one I use to help keep my iron up.

Can you Freeze Almond Milk Smoothies?

Yes and no. I wouldn't make the smoothie in advance and freeze, but I love to make freezer packs full of our favorite smoothie ingredients. I throw everything in the freezer bag, except the liquid. If I'm missing an ingredient, I just note on the bag what else I need to add. I do not add yogurt to my freezer bags, because the consistency is off when blended then.

Make sure you label your bag clearly with the recipe name (or ingredients if you are experimenting) and where it came from, the date frozen, and blending instructions.

21 Almond Milk Smoothie Recipes with Spinach

Why Use Almond Milk in Smoothies?

Almond milk is low carb and low calorie, making it beneficial for many trying to lose weight. It's also similar in vitamins and minerals to cow's milk, so you aren't losing out on nutrients!

We started using almond milk because the twins were lactose intolerant. The older boys enjoyed it and it became a taste preference for them. Now we either use almond or cashew milk the majority of the time.

Almond milk is also great for dietary concerns. Almond milk is vegan. It can also be Paleo & Keto approved, if you get the unsweetened kind or make your own.

How to Jazz Up Smoothies?

I get bored drinking my breakfast every day and the kids are a lot more likely to try a new smoothies recipe if I jazz it up a bit. And if they help pick out the recipe!

Must-Have Smoothie Making Supplies

A good blender is a necessity if you are going to be making smoothies a lot. I've gotten by with cheap ones from Walmart but getting my Ninja was a total game-changer for me! I can blend anything super quick and I use the personal blending cups whenever it is just me.

Smoothie Supplies

Want to blend up delicious smoothies with a consistent texture without having to stir while blending? Check out our favourite blending options!

Ninja blender set.Vitamix blender.Blendtec blender.Ninja personal smoothing blending set.

Almond Milk Smoothies with Spinach

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