10 Ways to Save Money This Year

Everyone wants more in life, and these ways to save money are there to help make that happen.  Whether you are looking for a way to build up your emergency savings account, or you simply want to feel more comfortable going out for date night this is a great place to begin.

10 Ways to Save Money

There are many ways to save money, but why is it so important to so many people?  Lack of jobs and jobs that don't pay a living wage have made it more and more difficult for families to truly live within their means.  A moderate home with the basic life necessities can be impossible to manage.  Being able to figure out ways to save money can truly make or break your financial life, but can also help you build for that rainy day that inevitably will occur.

Saving money sounds so easy to do, but the reality is it can be extremely difficult for most families.  That's why these ideas for ways to save money are things that are practical and anyone can manage.  While they aren't the same old basic tips, they are simple functional ways to create a savings plan.  These ideas think a bit outside the box and remind you of small ways money can add up in your everyday life.

10 Ways to Save Money

  1. Balance Your Bank Account: Yes, there are people in this day and age that still balance their accounts. It’s important to know what’s coming in and out.
  2. Meal Plan and Stick to It: A lot of stress and money comes from a lack of a plan. Make a meal plan and actually, stick with it. If you try to deviate from your plan, slap yourself.
  3. Stay Away from Expensive Stuff: If you’re the type of person who buys on a whim, avoid those expensive stores at all costs. Some people lose hundreds of dollars a year due to lack of self-control.
  4. Know What Money You Owe: Sometimes you lose out on money because you’re not aware of a debt that’s due. That one debt can thwart your whole money saving plan. Try to keep tabs on what you owe with a budget, so you’re not surprised.
  5. Slim Your Stuff Down: Do you walk into your house and see a wonderland of stuff? Maybe you have 5 televisions and 3 vehicles, maybe it’s time to slim down a little bit. I'm totally guilty of the 3 cars thing, but they are are older (like 1999 or older) and I'll drive them until the wheels fall off!
  6. Go Back to the Check Book: Another way you can save money is to start using checks again. Since checks can be cashed whenever, this will really force you to balance your bank account often.
  7. Be Realistic About Your Spending: If you’re a major spender, own it. If you mask your spending habits, you won’t know what to expect when you run out of money. Knowing your own spending habits can help you change them and in return save yourself money.
  8. Use Less: It’s crazy as Americans how much we use on a daily basis. From toilet paper to gas, we are product guzzlers. Try to use a whole lot less in your household.
  9. Ditch Anything Extra: Some people try to justify having cable because they got a special for the 100th You’d save a whole lot more money without having cable at all.
  10. Stop Impulse Buying: If it helps you to save money, then start planning out every little purchase. Impulse buying never helped anyone.

Saving money is easier than you ever thought possible. What are your best non-traditional tips for saving money this year?

10 Ways to Save Money

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