Theodore Roosevelt Book & Study Guide {Review}

As a homeschooling mom, I work really hard to bring learning to life with my kids. Everything we do, I want them to truly learn something from it. This is why we've avoided a lot of nonsense homeschooling and focused on the meat of learning.

When I say that Theodore Roosevelt, a Historical biography, was one of the best books we've studied in our homeschool journey, I am very serious. Published by YWAM Publishing, it's one of the better homeschooling resources we've used in our journey.

Reading for Fun

Reading should be for fun, but it should also be for learning. Why can't it be both? HEROES OF HISTORY Theodore Roosevelt: An American Original
By Janet & Geoff Benge is a book that has made reading both fun and informational.

When I pick out a book for the boys, I want to know if it's going to help teach them anything. I even learned a lot about Theodore Roosevelt that I didn't know before. We learned that he didn't live a long life, but he made his life count 1858-1919. He was truly one of the Heroes of History!

What Did We Get Out of the Book?

Theodore Roosevelt led a very action-packed life from leading the legendary Rough Riders in the war to writing books. He truly covered a lot of ground in his life.

Mr. Roosevelt was also the 26th president of the USA and he loved adventure. As you read the book, you'll note that he was also very curious about life and had a hunger for justice.

What Was the Quality of the Book?

The boys and I enjoyed that Theodore Roosevelt was told in an engaging narrative format. It made the book very interesting to read.

This is one historical topic that came to life for us. We've studied presidents in the past but this book was different. It made us feel as though we were there in history with Mr. Roosevelt.

What Are Parts of Theodore Roosevelt You Enjoyed?

Learning about his life was the most interesting part. It was neat to read this book with the boys because we would read something, do more research on it and then up down a rabbit hole.

Learning that Theodore Roosevelt was a Rancher was also really cool. I had no idea that he came to the Dakota Territory in 1883 to hunt bison. Roosevelt even made an investment in building a cabin and his long term goal was to immerse himself in the Western lifestyle.

Learning about President Roosevelt as a president was so very fascinating. It's interesting to see how he shaped the USA. He also served as the Vice President. The boys kept reading the book and looking up facts and I think they were blown away with how much life this man lived in such a short time period.

How Did We Like the Book and Study Guide?

We all read the book together and did the study guide together. I think this was a great book to hunker down and read together. I also enjoyed this book because the whole family enjoyed learning about President Roosevelt.

It's a great book to learn and enjoy as a family. The study guide is a great follow up too! Whatever we read in the book, we could come back and go over in the study guide.

Would I Recommend Theodore Roosevelt?

As a homeschooling mom, yes! I would recommend this book. This is an awesome book to add to your homeschooling curriculum. I loved that this Theodore Roosevelt book is part of the Christian Heroes: Then & Now and Heroes of History series.

Now that we've been introduced to this book and study guide, we can go to read other books of people who have shaped America's history in such a remarkable way.

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