Fall Activities for Kids


It's finally feeling like fall here!  The trees are changing colors, the squirrels are hoarding nuts (and oh so entertaining to watch), and the temps are dropping.  Looking around on Midwest Modern Momma, it's easy to tell Fall is my favorite season.  There is so much to do, both inside & out, to celebrate the changes occurring in nature and incorporate a little learning along the way!
Fall Activities for Children

I may be getting ahead of myself, but I'm ready for autumn.  Chilly nights, red & orange leaves, hot apple cider, corn mazes (I am from Iowa, after all), and pumpkin patches.  Every year, we round up the kids and head to a nearby farm to pick out pumpkins for decorating & I buy quite a few for baking.  The boys love the recipes, jumping in leaves, and all the fun crafts we get to do!  Here are a few of our favorite fall activities!

Fall activities for the family

  1. Create an autumn yard collage – An outdoor collage is a great way to clean up your yard & utilize the vivid colors found in nature. Collect materials that symbolize fall: pumpkins, scarecrows, cornucopias, hay, mums & other fall flowers. Arrange the hay bales to create the background for your collage. Next, set up a scarecrow on a bale of hay & arrange your other materials around him.
  2. Make a haunted tree – Show your little ones that cleaning up can be fun!  Rake up the leaves & use them to stuff a ghost.  Simply take small white trash bags and stuff half with leaves from your yard. Twist & tie the bag into a knot. Turn it upside down and you have a ghost! Make a bunch & tie them to tree limbs. As the fall winds blow your ghosts will move around, haunting your tree.
  3. Happy Autumn Cards – Create autumn cards for your extended family instead of waiting for Christmas cards.  Cover the kitchen table & let the kids go crazy with their favorite artistic mediums: stickers, glue & glitter, markers, etc.

Need more ideas? Check out these fun activities I found online & enjoy a chilly fall day as a family!

For more fall recipes, crafts, decorating, and activity ideas, follow our Fall Pinterest board!

Fall Recipes, Crafts, and more!


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