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Math isn't always an easy topic in homeschool homes around the world. I know we have struggled with math in the past. With so many boys in this house, it's important that we learn math concepts, but also have fun while doing it! Math Galaxy has transformed the way we do math in our home and I'm excited to share this experience with you!

Math Can Be Fun For All Ages!

Learning math shouldn't make anyone's brain hurt. Since coming across Math Galaxy in our house, it's been nice to switch things up. PLUS, being able to find one resource that all the boys can use has been wonderful.

Just remember the next time you're looking for an app, worksheet, or eBook that helps you escape the math woes – Math Galaxy has got you.

What Are Some Features of Math Galaxy That You Liked?

There were several features of the eBooks that we liked. I also mentioned a feature of the apps that I like. The eBooks that we spent time on are as follows:

  • Whole Numbers – Learning about whole numbers has never been more fun. Math Galaxy really helps bring this concept to life.
  • Fractions – You don't have to dread fractions anymore. Math Galaxy will do the hard work of showing your kids HOW to be a faction math magician.
  • Decimals, Proportions, Percents – This math concept is no longer a painful one to learn. We used this eBook to break into some new math concepts we've been needing to learn.
  • Algebra – I am so thankful to have some help in this area of math! Algebra is actually a lot of fun for kids to learn when they have an awesome resource to help them learn it.

Guides You Through the Lessons

While we weren't able to do the apps because they are iPhone & iPad only, we did take advantage of the eBooks and worksheets. The way it's structured, the apps make it feel as though you have your own personal tutor and it's aimed at kids in K – 12th grade.

Graphical Illustrations

Let's talk about graphical illustrations that are in these eBooks. My kids loved seeing all of the color pops and the illustrations. Being able to learn and have fun is what homeschooling is all about.

I like that they aren't too distracting though. It's enough to provide a pop of color but not to keep the kids focus on them. It's definitely a math book and not a coloring page.

Variety of Algorithms

Understanding math can be tough from time to time, but using Math Galaxy, your kids will get a variety of algorithms to help them understand and learn the math concepts. Some curriculums lean heavily on one learning method, but Math Galaxy utilizes algorithms and block modeling to help children understand our numbering system as well as see how to solve word problems.

Word problems are one of my favorite aspects of math because of the real-world application. Just being able to solve addition and subtraction problems doesn't help if you can't figure out how to take a real-life problem and turn it into a solvable math equation.

How Did We Like Math Galaxy?

Overall, I like to have fun with homeschooling. I think that utilizing word problems, math puzzles and math worksheets from Math Galaxy has been a positive thing.

When I printed off the worksheets, I hadn't expected the older two boys to want to do the ones with the riddles at the top. We were actually sure they'd be like “don't give me the baby ones”. Oops! I had to go back into the pdf and print some for them too.

Would I Recommend Math Galaxy?

I would recommend Math Galaxy! My boys enjoyed being challenged in their math journeys. The fun illustrations and bright colors were some of our favorite parts.

Finally, learning about fractions and math concepts can be bright and fun and not dull and boring. Especially with the worksheets that have a riddle to fill in with as you answer the problems correctly!

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