Fun Fall Activities for Kids

Now that summer is winding to a close, it's time to start planning fun fall activities for the kids. Whether you choose to spend time outside enjoying the cooler weather, have fun crafts planned for indoors, or maybe play with fall foods, we have some fun ideas for you this fall!

Fall Activities For Kids include this great list of 30 Fun Fall Activities For Kids that are perfect for days spent indoors due to dreary weather!

Ready for chilly evenings, jumping in leaves, and pumpkin everything? So are we!  I've been working on our Fall Bucket List and coming up with new things to try this year.  

We always go for nature walks, do scavenger hunts, and take advantage of the cooler weather by playing outside before the snow & subzero temps hit, but I wanted some more fun indoor fall activities for kids this year too.  

Sensory play is huge at our house. Even my almost 10 year old (my, how time flies!) loves doing sensory bins, so you'll find quite a few fun fall sensory activities made the list.

Fun Fall Activities for Kids

  1. Fall Tree Craft with Paper Bags
  2. Apple Pomander
  3. Donut Hole Acorns
  4. All About Fall Free Printable Chart
  5. Curly Paper Pumpkin Craft
  6. Crayon Pumpkins
  7. Apple Print Wreath
  8. Plastic Lid Apple Suncatchers
  9. Fall Scavenger Hunt with FREE Printables
  10. Popcorn Trees
  11. Candy Corn Counting
  12. Erupting Pumpkins
  13. Pumpkin Catapult
  14. Rotting Apples Science Experiment
  15. Why Leaves Change Color Science Experiment
  16. Fall Sensory Jars
  17. Pumpkin Ring Toss
  18. Apple Pie Sensory Bin
  19. Apple Stamps with Paper Towel Rolls
  20. DIY Fall Faeries
  21. Acorn Cap Painting – collect them on a nature walk!
  22. Cinnamon & Maple Salt Tray
  23. Pumpkin Slime
  24. Marbling Fall Leaves with Shaving Cream
  25. Leaf Maze – Older kids can help rake them into a maze too!
  26. Apple Pie Dough
  27. Candy Apple Rice
  28. Pumpkin Spice Rice
  29. Stuffed Paper Apples
  30. Autumn Jello Sensory Bill

When it comes to celebrating fall, the ideas for fall activities for kids really are endless!  It's all about taking advantage of the season changing around you.  From the beautiful colors of leaves changing, to the fun activities hosted around your area, fall is well known for outdoor activities.  

However, we know that temperatures and weather don't always make that easy.  So, this list of ideas is a great way to have a backup plan that you can enjoy with your kids.

I also like to include these fall activities for kids in our homeschool lessons.  As I mentioned, sensory play is big in our home.  It is definitely another way to help the boys learn about the seasons.  

You can easily include these activities alongside spelling worksheets, math manipulatives, and our favorite books like The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree, or the classic, Johnny Appleseed. It creates a great fall themed homeschool unit study that is ideal for keeping your kids attention on those dreary fall days.

More Great Fall Ideas:

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