8 Health Benefits Of Carrots & Beets

Have you ever wondered if there really are any health benefits of carrots and beets?  You know, it is hard to force yourself to eat all your veggies, but you have always been told they are good for you.  These reasons that carrots and beets are healthy are just the motivation you need to continue to eat them on a regular basis.  Plus, once you start eating them, you'll realize they aren't so bad after all! 

Here are 8 health benefits of carrots & beets that give you great long term nutrition! Using carrots and beets on a regular basis is great for health!

Root vegetables like beets and carrots are filled with great nutrients that are essential to a healthy body and mind. With both beets and carrots, you can get these great properties from eating the bottoms as well as the tops!  Whether you are trying to find reasons to get your kids to enjoy healthier foods, or you are just curious about the health benefits of carrots & beets, this list is a perfect place to begin.

8 Health Benefits of Carrots & Beets

  1. Carrots Are In Fact Great for Your Eyesight: Carrots have a lot of beta-carotene which once it is in the liver converts to Vitamin A. This essential vitamin is used in the retina to help with night vision. Beets also have a high level of beta-carotene too!
  2. Carrots & Beets Help to Fight Cancer: Carrots have been shown to reduce the risk of colon, breast, and lung cancer. Beetroot extract has been used to treat cancers of the prostate, breast, and pancreas.  If you are looking for the health benefits of carrots and beets, this is more than enough to convince me to keep them in my diet.
  3. Prevent Infection and Inflammation: Beets contain betaine which is a nutrient that fights inflammation, and increases white blood cell count, which then has a positive impact on inflammation. Carrots have been known to prevent infection for centuries. When shredded raw or boiled and then mashed into mush, it can be used on cuts to heal them.
  4. Perfect Combo for a Body Cleanse: The Vitamin A in carrots helps to flush out the liver and reduces fat and bile that has built up. Beets are another great way to rid toxins from the bloodstream and the liver.
  5. Natural Energy Source: Beets and carrots are a naturally high source of energy as they both contain high levels of sugar but are low in calories.  For moms who work at home and homeschool like myself, this is one of the top health benefits of carrots and beets that is important.  Anything natural to boost energy in my life is a must.
  6. Their Greens Are Awesome Too: The green on the top of both carrots and beets have a lot of iron. Beet greens especially have more iron than even spinach!  Toss the whole thing into your soup or juice blend!  I struggle with anemia, and most often taking supplements doesn't work well with my system.  Eating meat isn't always convenient, but I can easily add beets and their greens to various green smoothies. I even have a favorite beet greens smoothie!
  7. Prevents Strokes and Heart Attacks: Eating just six carrots a week has been credited with lowering your risk for strokes. Foods rich in beta-carotene like beets and carrots lower the risk of heart attacks.
  8. Vitamin A Rocks: Both beets and carrots contain high levels of Vitamin A. This vitamin protects the skin, hair, and nails from sun damage and helps them from drying out. Vitamin A also prevents acne, dry skin, and even wrinkling.

Here are some of our favorite recipes that include carrots and beets as the main ingredient:

If you are serious about understanding the health benefits of carrots and beets, this list is the place to look.  Getting healthy begins from the inside out.  I've long been an advocate of healing your body with what you put inside it.  Our food really has a huge impact on how we feel.

Here are 8 health benefits of carrots & beets that give you great long term nutrition! Using carrots and beets on a regular basis is great for health!

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