7 Sensory Bin Tools You Need

Do your children love playing with sensory bins? If your sensory bins change according to the season or holiday, you might have lots of different sensory items coming and going.

But no matter what you put in your sensory bin, there are a few sensory bin tools you should have. Take a look below at 7 sensory bin tools that make any sensory bin a magical sensory experience!

Sensory bins were one of our favorite activities when the boys were preschoolers. They were perfect for those days where everyone seems to be in a bad mood and no one wanted to stay on task. Pull out a sensory bin and turn it into a fun learning activity. Now that the boys are older, I use them to entertain my nephews when they are over & I need a way to control the chaos that is 7 boys!

7 Sensory Bin Tools You Need

Cupcake Liners

Kids love filling the cups and pretending like they are baking. Rice and dried beans go into cupcake liners nicely, plus you can usually get a pack of 50 for $1 at your local dollar store. Change out the cups to reflect the season or holiday for some extra fun.

Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons encourage fine motor skills as they help children scoop, pour, and of course measure. They are also great for teaching measurement while the child plays. For just a buck, you can snag a set at your local dollar store.

Measuring Cups

Like measuring spoons, measuring cups help encourage fine motor skills while also teaching measurement. They are great for manipulating rice, beans, sand, and even water. Grab a set for $1 at your local dollar store.


Tongs are perfect for encouraging fine motor skills and are great for grasping small items in the bin. They encourage hand/eye coordination and can be grabbed for just a buck at your local dollar store. Place several in your bin so children can have one in each hand if they want. I like this set of 3 that come in different sizes to fit little hands better!


Chopsticks are great for sensory bins as children will love being challenged by them. The best part? You can usually grab these for free when you get carry-out or snag a set from Amazon. Place small items such as crafting pompoms in the bin that the child can practice grasping & develop those fine motor skills while having fun!


Children love pouring the sensory item such as sand, water, or rice through the funnel. You can buy funnels in an assortment of sizes at your local dollar store or grab this set of 4 brightly coloured funnels from Amazon. Grab a few, as these tend to be a real hit.

Food Coloring

Food coloring can quickly take your sensory table from drab to fab. Add it to water tables, rice tables, and even sand tables for an extra pop of color. Just add a few drops, stir, and enjoy.

Make your sensory table the most fun place to be! Gather these 7 sensory play tools and see what kind of experiences you can enjoy!

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