Free Homeschool Curriculum: United States Unit Study

If you are looking for a free homeschool curriculum to teach your kids about the United States, we have a great United States unit study.  This includes some amazing free printables that you can utilize in your classroom while working with your kids.  This free homeschool curriculum is easy to adjust to any age range. 

If you are looking for a free homeschool curriculum to teach your kids about the United States, we have a great United States unit study. This includes some amazing free printables that you can utilize in your classroom while working with your kids. This free homeschool curriculum is easy to adjust to any age range.

Sometimes, a free homeschool curriculum doesn't really give you the right tools you need for a homeschool that has multiple grade levels.  That's why I love using unit studies like this one that revolves around the United States.  With 4 boys and multiple education levels. I can use the same ideas and adjust them so easily to suit my needs.

We've put together 4 great printables and some awesome ideas to help you create a United States Unit Study that can be used for United States history, patriotic lessons, or just some fun activity time during school breaks.  You can make this one brief unit study, or can stretch it out over time covering each state in detail.  The possibilities are endless for your homeschool classroom. Click the image of the printable to open it in a new window & print!

Since the boys' father travels for work, I've found that studying the state he is in helps the kids stay connected with him.  It also makes it easy for me to decide what state to work on next!  If you have family that lives out of state, you could choose to do your own state first and then work on where your family lives.

 If you don't, you could focus on places you'd like to travel to or things that would appeal to your child.  I have one that is dinosaur obsessed, so he really liked learning about Colorado.  If you have a kiddo that is interested in space, they may like to learn about the Kennedy Space Center while learning about Florida or the Johnson Space Center during a unit study on Texas.

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Free Homeschool Curriculum: United States Unit Study

Gather Information: Visit your local library and/or gather information on your computer that can help fill in the blanks. Go on each states' .gov website (just type in the state you are looking for and .gov. ie… and look for the About and Visitors tabs, you may also find some good info under recreation to learn about your chosen state. There are also informational sites where you can order packets that will give you more in-depth information on each state.

Another great way to get resources for your United States Unit Study is to look for free homeschool curriculum for individual national parks.  The United States National Park website has a ton of information. And many informational printables you can utilize when studying the state the park is located.

united states study
state study page 2

Organizing Your Pages:

Hole-punch pages and organize into a 2″-3″ binder or larger, once the study is completed with all 50 sheets you will have 200 pages.  We are going to use a larger binder to leave room for brochures, postcards, and other flat items. Alternatively, you can put all your papers for each state into a paper, 2 pocket folder. Or create a file folder lapbook for each state.

state study page 4

Go Beyond The Page:

Not every child absorbs information the same way but MOST children learn well with hands-on activities. Be sure to include some in your state study in the form of dioramas, salt maps, collages, and state puzzles. Stack the States App is a fun interactive tool. If you like to include some technology that is available on iTunes and Android.

state study page 3

Swap Postcards:

Find an online home-school forum, there are many out there based on topic or particular curriculum and if you are leery of giving out your address for a postcard swap you can open a temporary p.o box. This is a great way to get in some handwriting and reading practice too.

Take a Trip:

While you may not be able to include every state in your field trip plans. Try to incorporate at least one during the year so you can dive a little deeper into the culture, food, and history. When visiting family out of state, try to add in an extra day to explore local historical attractions. At the very least be sure to visit historical sites and places of interest in your own state.

Here are a few additional resources to include in your state study:

The Scrambled States of America

United States Coloring Book

United States Floor Puzzle

When trying to utilize a free homeschool curriculum like our United States Unit Study, you will find that research is your best friend.  Looking for information from multiple sources will give you more than enough educational opportunities to suit each child. Especially, when you think outside the box and look for non-traditional educational methods.

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