Homemade Cleaners: All Purpose Cleaning Spray

I love making homemade cleaners since they are so much healthier to use around my family. This All Purpose Spray is a favorite because it can be used throughout the house. I also, of course, love the fresh smell of rosemary, clove, and lemon from the essential oils.  If you are considering diving into the world of homemade cleaners, this is a great first choice!

Homemade Cleaners like this All Purpose Cleaning Spray are ideal for limiting chemicals in your home. Make this using essential oils and natural ingredients!

When it comes to homemade cleaners, this all-purpose cleaning spray will become your new favorite cleaning recipe to use. It is very easy to make & works wonderfully for countertops & surfaces, as well as glass. It’s great for kitchen & bathrooms!  The rosemary, clove, & lemon are all oils that have great benefits, and of course, they smell amazing.  I especially love that this is a homemade cleaner I have no worries about using around my children. If you are looking for more homemade cleaner recipes, make sure you grab my free printable with some of my favorites towards the bottom of this page!

Homemade Cleaners: All Purpose Cleaning Spray

Many ask why I take the time to make homemade cleaners like this for use in our home.  Sure, I can probably find a coupon or even inexpensive brands out there that cost a bit less than this will for me to make, but they don't make me feel good about what I am allowing to be near my family.  I much prefer knowing that we are eliminating waste by reusing the same bottle over and over again, as well as eliminating nasty chemicals from our home that just aren't needed.

With proper cleaning methods, I can keep my home just as free from germs and sanitary using my homemade cleaners as I could harsher chemical laden choices from the store.  Plus, this really does save money in the long run.

Supplies needed:

Glass Spray Bottle

Distilled Water

15 drops pure lemon essential oil

10 drops pure clove essential oil

10 drops pure rosemary essential oil

*Many ask why we use a glass bottle.  Essential oils can break down some plastics, and depending upon the type of oil you buy, it is safest to use only in glass containers.  


Simply mix all ingredients together in your glass spray bottle.  Shake before use.  Spray on surface and wipe down with a cloth or paper towel.

As you can see, this homemade cleaners recipe for an all purpose spray is super easy, cost effective, and of course safe for our family to use.  I have no worries about handing this to any of my sons to help clean.  In fact, it's a great safe cleaning spray to let your kids get more involved in the cleaning process.

Homemade cleaners are a great way to eliminate waste, expense, and chemicals in your life.  They are often, if not always, very simple to make.  All of these ingredients are available inexpensively in your local market or online.  It will take less than 5 minutes to prepare, and will work to sanitize and clean your home leaving it smelling fresh and clean.

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