Back-to-School Frugal Gift for the Teachers

Frugal Gift for the New teacher

I just made up one of these for each of the kids' new teachers. I will fill it with some pens, pencils, glue sticks, markers and crayons and let the kiddos give them to their new teachers on the first day of school.

It only took a few minutes and it was really frugal! I ended up using 35 colored pencils, which was 1 short of 3 boxes and they were only 50¢ per box! The ribbon was $2 and I didn't use a whole lot per gift, and the hot glue sticks were around 25¢ each, and I used 4 sticks per gift. The can was free! All-in-all, I paid about $3 each for a cute, handmade gift that the teachers can actually use.

I put the glue on the can by moving the gun back and forth like a bunch of w's, instead of just making one strip down the can. i figured it would hold better, since there were faily large ridges in the can.

hot glue

Then I made sure to stand the can upright and put the pencil logo toward the can, while making sure the bottom of the pencil remained flat while I secured it to the can. Once all of the pencils were on, I applied the ribbon.


I made sure to put a little bit of hot glue on every few pencils, to keep the ribbon in place. Once the ribbon around the container was secure, I added some criss-crossed ribbons to it.

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