Kids Craft Idea For DIY Seed Shakers

I love fun kids craft ideas like these DIY Seed Shakers to get your children interested in planting and harvesting their own vegetables.  Gardening is such a fun thing for the whole family to experience! DIY seed shakers add a fun craft element that is both functional and makes planting seeds more fun for the kids, making it the perfect way to interest them in learning more about plants.

Make this great Kids Craft Idea for DIY Seed Shakers to get your kids involved in Spring planting and Summer gardening this year!

Kids Craft Idea For DIY Seed Shakers

These can be used for flowers as well as vegetables, but of course, getting your kids involved in growing veggies is a plus.  When they get to choose the vegetables they are planting and eating, it makes a huge difference in their desire to eat those vegetables once they are ready for harvesting.  Gather some simple supplies and create a fun project with your kids!  A fun kids craft that also helps them learn while they grow their favorite vegetables?  That's a win-win in my book!


Salt Shakers, alternately you can reuse old spice, sprinkle and parmesan cheese containers

Potting soil

One pack of seeds per set of salt shakers (We like these Non-GMO vegetable seeds)

Pot for planting

small container to make shaker mix

few grains of rice

  • This kids craft project works best with small, round seeds, but as long as the holes of the shaker you are using are big enough for any size or shape seed to fit through you can use any type of seeds.
  • In a clean container, add one cup of potting soil and your packet of seeds. Mix well to ensure that the seeds are spread evenly throughout the soil.
  • Open up your salt shakers and drop a few grains of rice into the bottoms of each, these help keep the soil loose and prevent clumping. Alternately, some sand can also be used. Fill each salt shaker with the potting soil and seed mixture. Don’t pack or press down on the soil, because then it will be hard for it to come out.
  • Replace the lids to your salt shakers, the amount of soil you add to each should be about a cup between the pair in order to get all the seeds into the pot the children will be planting.
  • Fill a pot with soil, minus an inch. Give kids the seed shakers and tell them to shake out all the seeds and soil into the pot, till their seed shaker is empty. Add an additional inch of potting soil to the top of the pot. Provide water for children to add to the pot.
  • Find a warm, sunny spot for the pot to remain till it germinates.

DIY Seed Shaker for Kids

This fun kids craft is a great way to let them be responsible for their own little vegetable or flower crop this season. Make these seed shakers for kids as a great way to help them get excited about planting a garden with you.

While this tutorial says to use a pot or container, you can use this method in a traditional garden or a raised bed.  Just make sure your kids are following the rows so seeds stay in the area they are meant to be. If you know your kids can't do a straight line yet, check out this homemade seed paper that might work better! This is a great upcycle kids craft and project if you are able to use old spice jars or canisters to make it something that is even more frugal for your family.

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