10 Reasons You Should Be Using Essential Oils

We've been making small changes to have a more natural, healthy household. I started by increasing the number of indoor plants we have, planning out healthy meals, and working out on a regular basis.  We switched doctors to find someone that wasn't quick to prescribe antibiotics at every sniffle, started using more home remedies, and kept researching ways to be healthier.

10 Reasons to Use Essential Oils

One thing that came up often in natural healing groups online was essential oils.  I've used them for aromatherapy for years, but never really thought about their other uses until this last year or so. Since I've been studying them, I'm amazed at their uses & put together a list of my favorite ways of using essential oils for you.

  1. Aromatherapy for relaxation and mood enhancement.
  2. Incorporate into bedtime routines for a calming ambiance.
  3. Add to a diffuser for a refreshing indoor scent.
  4. Blend with carrier oils for a soothing massage.
  5. Use in DIY cleaning products for a natural fragrance.
  6. Incorporate into homemade skincare products.
  7. Diffuse uplifting oils in the morning and relaxing oils in the evening.
  8. Add to bathwater for a spa-like experience.
  9. Use in DIY crafts like this peppermint oobleck and gifts.
  10. Mix with water for a natural room spray.

Now that you know why you should be using essential oils, here's how to get started.  You can either purchase them from a local retailer, order them from Amazon, or go with one of the two big companies.  I personally have an account with both DoTerra & Young Living.  

They each offer a few blends I can't get with the other one & I'm impatient.  If something I want goes out of stock with one, I grab it from the other. I'm not brand loyal & I do not follow their usage information – too much contradicts the safety information I've learned from trained aromatherapists.

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Love oils as much as I do? Check out these tools to keep them organized & create homemade products with them!

Wall storage rack for essential oils.Carrying case for essential oils.4 diffuser necklaces laying on a table.3 mini diffusers on a desk in front of a plant.
Salve containers in a pyramid with loose containers in front.15 cobalt blue spray bottles on a white background.24 roller bottles, mix of cobalt blue and amber, on a white background.Collection of amber essential oil bottles, dropper lids, and two silver funnels on a white background.

Some Essential Oils I Enjoy:

  • Stress Relief: I have major anxiety issues and use this one (along with my Rescue Remedy spray) whenever I have to travel outside my comfort zone. I also diffuse stress relief around the house because it is very soothing & with four boys…soothing is something I need!
  • Frankincense: Known for its relaxing aroma, it's a favorite in many households.
  • Lime: Its refreshing scent is invigorating.
  • Lavender: A popular choice for relaxation and its pleasant fragrance.
  • Peppermint: Loved for its invigorating scent.
  • Orange: I diffuse orange essential oil in the morning to help wake me up, sometimes with grapefruit or lemon.
  • Thieves: (also called Four Thieves, 5 Thieves, or OnGuard depending on the brand) is a must-have!  Many friends in a natural living group said they use it whenever they start getting sick and as a natural cleaner. I've started adding a couple of drops when I make my homemade dishwasher tabs & love it!
10 Reasons to Use Essential Oils

What is your favorite way of using essential oils?

More Ways to Use Essential Oils:

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  1. I have heard amazing things about essential oils!
    A gal pal of mine gave me some of the YL to use…I loved the lavender.
    I just like to use it to help with my migraines.
    I’m with you – going more natural these days…less pills the better!

    Cheers to oils!
    🙂 Anna

  2. I have recently started looking into Essential Oils to see what would work best for our family. Your post have been great with highlighting just one at a time and I thank you. How many diffusers do you have or do you just switch out the oils?

    1. I have a couple diffusers and fill them with vinegar water at night to help clean them, then just wipe clean in the morning. In my office, I use the same blend every day so I only do the vinegar with it once a week or so.