How To Start A Simple Recycling Program At Home

Recycling is an amazing thing you can do for our environment and your wallet! Recycling protects our world, it saves water, energy and other resources like trees. It also saves landfill space, creates jobs, saves money and energy as well as reduces pollution. Here is How To Start A Simple Recycling Program At Home!
Seeing Green How to Start a Simple Recycling Program at Home

Before you throw something away think about if it can be reused, recycled or repaired. For example if you have an old torn t-shirt instead of throwing it out, just cut it into rags. There are so many common household items that you can breath new life into if you just stop and think about it before you throw it out.

Tips to Start an Easy Home Recycling Program

  • First get a hold of your recycling center and see what items can be recycled.
  • Ask if they will pick up the recyclables or if you need to drop them off somewhere.
  • Also ask how the items need to be prepared. For example if milk jugs or aluminum cans need to be smashed first, you can use a can crusher. Be sure to clean items like milk jugs so you don't have a recycle box that starts smelling up your house or garage.
  • Find the best place in your home to set up the recycling center. For some it may be better in the kitchen others may want it out of site and in the garage. You want it to be a convenient place so you don't get frustrated with it getting in the way or being to difficult to get to.
  • If your city does not pick all the recyclables up in one large container then you will need to get separate containers for each type of recyclable. One for paper, one for plastic and one for aluminum etc. Label each container so everyone knows what goes where. Check with your city or waste management company, because they may even provide you will all the containers you will need.
  • There are other ways to help cut back on waste like taking reusable shopping bags on your next grocery trip and allowing  your grass clippings to decompose. You could also take your old clothing somewhere to donate it like homeless shelters.
  • Get your whole family involved in your home recycling. It is important to teach our kids how to help others in the world and recycling is one great way to start giving a helping hand.
  • Another great way to help our environment is to purchase items made from recycled materials.
  • Look into local programs or donate refundable items to someone you know.  I hate turning in cans and was just recycling them until my MIL asked if they could have them.  I just set them aside and she grabs them whenever she comes over to see the kids now. Some of the local businesses keep them and the local homeless shelters let their residents know which businesses they can pick them up from as a little extra to help them get back on their feet.

After checking around, I found our trash company offers a recycling program. They gave us a large container to use (just like my pink trash cans) and we don't have to sort anything.  They pick it up on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, so I marked it in my calendar to put out on those Sunday nights when I move my trash to the curb for pickup.  It works great and I feel so much about about the reduced trash we have now!

Looking to take things a step further and cut down on your kitchen waste?  Moms Need to Know has a great post on how to compost!

It's easy to get started recycling when you use these great tips!

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