7 Ways To Care For Animals During The Winter

As an animal lover, I am always looking for ways to care for animals around me.  The winter time can be brutal on our animal friends. Squirrels, birds, and other wildlife can struggle to find warmth and food. Giving them a little help is always a nice thing to do, plus it can be entertaining to watch them come to the yard to visit. If you want to make sure the animals in your yard are well tended to this year, take a peek at these ways to care for animals in winter below. You will find them easy and inexpensive to do, and your animal friends are sure to love you for it.

Care For Animals this winter with these great tips! Our 7 Ways To Care For Animals During Winter are ideal for keeping the neighborhood critters happy!

These tips are great for helping you care for animals during colder winter months.  Remember that while many animals are conditioned to living outdoors, that doesn't mean you can't do little things to make it easier for them in colder months.

7 Ways To Care For Animals During The Winter

1. Put out nest builder for the birds.
Place out a basket or box of nest builders for the birds to build and reinforce their nests with. You can add string, yarn, ribbon, fabric scraps, pieces of straw, and other scrap items you think they can use. Just place them in the yard and they are sure to find them.

2. Clean, maintain, and fill feeders.
Make sure all of your feeders have been well cleaned, are maintained and free from damage that may injure the animals, and kept filled. Use quality seeds that offer the nutrients and oils birds need to get through the cold winter.

3. Offer housing solutions.
Your nest builders are great for birds, but pine trees in the yard are always helpful for creating safe havens as well. If you are looking to add trees to your landscaping, pine trees are perfect. You can also be sure to put out plenty of bird houses and offer low ground cover for small animals.

4. Keep fresh water available.
If you have a birdbath, place a bubbler in it so the water continues to move and doesn’t freeze. This will help your animals get fresh water during the months where it is often the hardest to find.

5. Keep important numbers on hand.
Should you notice any injured or malnourished wildlife, be sure you have the important numbers you need on hand. This would include your local wildlife agency, animal shelter, and animal hospital. They can direct you to the appropriate resource for help.

6. Invest in straw.
Straw is perfect for keeping small animals warm, building nests with, and finding refuge in. Invest in a bale or two of hay/straw during the winter months and keep it in the yard for animals to enjoy. Even your household dog will like having hay/straw in the yard to retreat to on a cold day.

7. Be mindful of your garbage.
Animals tend to rummage more during the winter months, trying to find any food scraps they can. Be mindful of what you toss out and make sure it is not harmful to animals. Avoid tossing out anything with bones, sharp edges, or poisonous ingredients.

Caring for your furry and feathered friends can be a cinch when you give these tips a try. Offer the animals that enjoy your yard and call it home a hand this winter, and they are sure to appreciate it.  These tips are just what you need to easily care for animals in your are during cold winter months.

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Care For Animals this winter with these great tips! Our 7 Ways To Care For Animals During Winter are ideal for keeping the neighborhood critters happy!

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